How to Increase Shopify Sales with a Mobile App

The quality of the Shopify eCommerce platform has made it one of the best platforms in the world. BuiltWith reports that 1,868,930 live websites have the Shopify platform. If your Shopify store isn’t at least launching an app, it’s probably not going to be able to compete with other stores in the future. Make sure to adapt your Shopify store to reach more people, if you want to stay competitive.  This guide explains how you can Increase Shopify sales by leveraging a mobile app. 

Ways to Boost Shopify Sales

Push notifications alert users about new products and special offers directly on their devices. Flexible payment options make it easy for customers to pay in a way that suits them best. Loyalty programs reward customers for their repeated business, giving them incentives to come back. Let’s know about more ways to boost your Shopify sales.

1.Push Notifications

One of the benefits of having a mobile commerce app is being able to stay in contact with your potential customers. One-time offer: This is how to convert website visitors into email subscribers when you’re selling products on Shopify, you have the option to automatically opt-in to email marketing. Some people will choose that option, but others won’t. You want to make sure the person who joined your list has no problems receiving and reading your emails.

If you assume 14 words are average for a sentence, and that you receive 121 emails per day (on average), there is no guarantee that this will happen. In a recent study, you’ll find that 93% of people prefer push notifications and that they can drive an average of 56% more clicks than emails. Don’t overdo it when you’re sending messages, otherwise, users will be annoyed and they’ll opt-out of push notifications. As a Shopify store owner, here’s how to find out whether to add a push notification that adds value to your app users.

  • Flash sales
  • Concession codes
  • Send notifications
  • Payment options are flexible

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2.Payment Options Are Flexible

In a survey, 8 percent of shoppers said that a lack of payment options was the reason they abandoned a shopping cart. When you integrate your app into different payment gateways, you’ll be able to offer your users a wide range of flexible payment options. If you want to accept payments through various payment processors, you can use popular services such as Braintree, PayPal, Stripe, and Apple Pay.

Bold apps give you the freedom to choose which payment gateways work best for your business. For instance, the bold app allows you to use Stripe or Paypal.

If you make your Shopify store available on mobile platforms, it’s much easier for people to purchase whatever they want like:

  1. Credit card
  2. Google play 
  3. Chrome play
  4. Debit card
  5. Paypal

You can integrate fingerprint sign-in with your app, which allows users to sign in as quickly as possible. Sometimes, you won’t need any passwords. Sometimes you’ll just need a fingerprint or your face.

3.Loyalty Programs

A recent survey by BrightLocal revealed that 58.7% of internet users believe that one of the most vital phases of the shopping experience is gaining prizes and loyalty points. App-based loyalty programs create a direct connection between businesses and consumers, allowing them to be more engaged with each other.

For starters, you can’t expect that your customer will visit your site every day. Even your best customers may only buy once or twice per month, and that can make it hard for you to grow the size of your store. Most people that land on your website will probably not have an account in your loyalty program. So they will have to navigate to their customer profile, and check their status.

The reality is that nowadays, a large percentage of customers spend a significant amount of time looking at their phones. This means that it’s easy for them to see what they’ve accomplished and what they haven’t. The more often you measure your progress, the easier it will be to recognize how much you’ve improved.

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4.One-click Purchase

Some customers say that they want an enjoyable shopping experience. Besides, customers also want a fast checkout process. Offering your customers one-click payment makes it easy for them to make purchases and also gives you more flexibility to offer discounts. An app can let you purchase with a single tap of your finger. The app keeps a record of all your purchases and order preferences, making it easy to view past orders quickly. Instead of going through the hassle of having to enter your password or wait on an SMS verification code, you can use one-click payments.

  • There are several steps a customer need to take to buy something online 
  • Search product
  • Attach product to cart
  • Direct to cart
  • enter name
  • provider contact details (email, phone number)
  • Enter email address
  • Provide billing information
  • Enter shipping information
  • Finalize checkout

It allows customers to change their minds, gets frustrated, or make a mistake without having to drive to the other end of the city or across town. Approximately 60% of all Shopify sales originate from mobile devices. If you don’t have a mobile app; you’re making it harder for customers to shop from your site. 

If you force your customers to create an account before they purchase, 34% of them will not complete the purchase. Otherwise, people who want to purchase will purchase—regardless of whether they have to create an account. If you make the checkout process unnecessarily complicated, 26% of your customers will disappear before they get to the end. Amazon was the first online retailer to employ this strategy. But now, many eCommerce sites use it worldwide. Just place a “Buy Now” button on your product pages.

The checkout process is one of the most frustrating experiences in eCommerce, especially when so much information needs to be entered. One of Shopify’s major innovations was to present users with a shopping cart that already contains all of a user’s information and payment information.

5.Location-Based Mobile Advertising

You can acquire more customers and turn them into repeat ones by offering discounts on products or services that they need. However, the discounts must be truly relevant to their needs.

Geofencing is an app feature that uses the customer’s location to deliver location-specific promotions. To make use of Geofencing technology, you’ll need to first set up your app to use GPS tracking on your iOS device.

Whenever a customer inserts one of your location-based beacons, we’ll send them a push notification with the relevant offer. If someone is taking a day trip to the beach, it’s the perfect opportunity to offer them an incentive to buy beach accessories. Or you could use the customer’s location in your app to show them specific products in their area.

Consider hiring an expert in the field of Search Engine Optimization to help you optimize your content for SEO and get your site ranked higher. With location-based mobile advertising, you can serve relevant promotions to your customers and boost the average order value for each user.

6.Customer Comfort

To make your product the customer’s number one choice, all you need to do is follow a few tricks to keep the customer happy. The main reason why people prefer to make purchases in apps rather than on websites is convenience.

Beyond those key benefits, you can enjoy some additional features:

  • Quickness
  • Put in storage settings
  • Personalized contented
  • Superior deals
  • Profits and rewards

Mobile apps are more complicated to create than websites are, and this makes them better for creating engaging customer experiences. If a customer is happy with your service or product, it can be assumed that this customer will be likely to buy from you again. Whether it’s a Shopify app or a mobile application, you can reach the initial investment if you pay attention to how you can apply sales growth on your website in a cost-effective way.

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7.Customer personalization

If you use a mobile app for your business, it’s going to bring in more revenue for your Shopify store. If you use a mobile app to reach your audience, you can have a better sense of what they are interested in and what they like.

63% of customers would rather see recommendations from retailers than getting discounts.

The technology will monitor the actions of your users and look for signs that they are completing the intended actions. Your app can recommend relevant products to each customer based on their browsing behavior and past purchases. When a customer sees a relevant product suggestion, not only are they likely to buy it, but they are also likely to make the purchase. In the end, doing this will mean an increase in the number of sales you get.


If you promote your mobile app through referral programs, having a lot of mobile users might not be the best thing for the growth of your application, but it’s one of the best things.

The easiest way to get a customer referral program rolling is to offer a mobile app as a point of contact for your customers. 

It’s important to give people your product at least enough incentive to tell others about it. A monetary incentive has produced the strongest results, again and again, offer $20 gift certificates for every person who signs up for your newsletter. 

Once your promotion is finalized, you can then determine how customers will share the deal with their friends. Only then does it matter whether or not you have an app that promotes itself through mobile alerts that can be integrated with customer contact lists, and can then send out mass referrals. Also, it can be integrated with a customer’s social media sites so that they can share their discount codes and coupons directly on their profiles. When this program is introduced to a new customer, that customer will in turn refer others. And those referrals will continue to refer others. 

9.Customer Services

Mobile commerce app should not only provide better customer services but also make them convenient for customers to use. Using this mobile commerce app, your clients can check on their purchased products while the products are out for delivery, track their delivery status, and know when the items have shipped and been delivered.

With a mobile app, people can check the status of their deliveries at any time, which is very convenient. There’s no specific timing involved. You don’t have to send a separate email and then wait for a response. It is always available at your fingertips. If you want to change the delivery address or do a return or refund, submit a ticket and then raise your query.

The easiest way to deal with returns and refunds is to make sure your customers are happy with their experience To keep your customers satisfied, you need to make the returns and refunds process pretty straightforward. You can do any of these things with apps, and you can hire Shopify app developers from Shopify app development company India to create an app for the purpose.

10.Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is becoming more popular in the tech world. This may be over your head, but there are many great applications for it in business.

The app uses your camera to project potential purchases in front of you, so you no longer have to download and check them.

Suppose if someone is looking for a dress, they can use augmented reality to see how it looks on them and to customize it. Shopify developers and retail companies are starting to use this technology, and many online businesses are using the Shopify platform.


Many small and independent retailers would be happy if you designed a Shopify app for them. Apart from that, you should also tell them that this is just one of the options and it’s possible to expand your business in many ways with the help of mobile application development.

All the methods above can help you progress to another level and gain some mass revenue. The features like push notifications, AR, and referral programs don’t take up much space but they improve your app.