The Best Customer Success Software for 2024

A lot of SaaS companies are realizing that they’ve been missing a huge opportunity and are starting to put more resources into Customer Success Software. It’s important to retain customers, but it’s also important to know why they’re leaving. In addition to impacting current revenues, it also affects future customers. Repeat customers can have a positive influence on the behavior of new customers.

You can track and measure your customers’ experience by observing behavior patterns and using that information to guide them both towards deeper loyalty and more profitable conversions.

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Customer Success Software (CSS)

Customer Success Software is designed to help a company provide a more efficient and effective way to manage its customer lifecycle. It’s an essential tool that helps you keep your customers happy, retain them, and improve your retention rates. With the rise of SaaS companies, the demand for customer success managers has also seen a boom in the past few years. 

Importance of Customer Success Software

Your ultimate goal as a business owner is to make sure your revenues exceed your costs. What can you invest in to help customers be successful?

You know that if your customers are successful, they’ll keep buying from you, spreading the word of mouth marketing and using your product, which will, in turn, benefit your business.CSS helps you get the names of people who’ve stopped using your product, you can use that information to target them for a follow-up (maybe a discount) to get them to start using your service again.

It will help you to identify how you can improve the quality of your products and support systems. If maximizing your profits and efficiency is important to you, customer success should be part of your strategy. You need the best software to enable it. Here is a list of the Top Customer Success Software Tools:


Totango is a customer success company that aims to help large enterprise companies manage, engage, and retain their customers. Totango Spark is your best solution for maximizing customer success. This product provides you with a customer health score and information on how customers use your product. It also helps you create templates and scorecards to streamline the implementation process. Totango Spark only helps your CS team. Totango Zoe is a product for everyone in your company, and it’s a conversational interface that anyone can use.

If you’re a large enterprise company that wants to increase the efficiency of your customer support, then Totango might be the right choice. Price. $49 per license

2.HubSpot Service

HubSpot’s service product is versatile enough for all businesses of all sizes, especially those who want to generate more leads. Onboarding and Professional Services are two programs that can be customized by customers both can be tailored to fit your company’s goals.

This makes it impossible to lose track of the information your customers are looking for, and it eliminates the need to bounce from channel to channel, looking for pieces of customer information. Using live chat allows you to meet your customers’ needs in real-time while using an email address and creating a support ticket allows you to assign tickets to different people so that they can work on them when it’s most convenient for them. Price.  Completely free


An intercom is an excellent tool for managing customers and helping them find success with your product and company. This centralized dashboard does some analysis on your customers’ behavior and their interactions with your company so that you can know how to satisfy your customers better. Intercom is powerful customer support, marketing, and communication tool that helps you interact with your customers. It allows you to create a knowledge base for your customers to help themselves, and connect with them on multiple platforms from a single inbox.

You can combine it with other apps to enrich the data you have about your customers and reinforce their experience of your brand. Price. Intercom is a great solution for startups with limited budgets, starting at $39/month.


CustomerSuccessBox offers the best customer success platform on the market. It provides all the tools needed to onboard, retain, and upsell customers. If you can get feedback from your customers right after they try your product, it will help you improve the user experience and design of your product. Once you have successfully onboarded a customer with CustomerSuccessBox, you can use the platform to send your customers timely alerts when milestones are reached or certain actions are not taken. By creating tasks for your agents, you can be sure that all customers are taken care of at the right time.

A single source of data about every customer’s purchase, service, and relationship history can be used to assess how healthy the customer relationship is. Price. Prices for Customer SuccessBox start at $499/month.


ChurnZero will help you increase customer lifetime value by increasing account value, reducing churn, and boosting adoption. churnZero provides different ways for our customers to send usage data, including one that uses a JavaScript library and one that uses an HTTP API.

ChurnZero provides customer success managers with instant ROI by making them more productive and better informed, so they can provide better just-in-time service to customers. has alternative prices like $200 Per Month, $25 per month


PlanHat is a Customer Success platform that can be configured to serve the needs of startups as well as established companies and corporations. Since its modules and features are designed to show you information about your customer’s data, including purchases, support tickets, and interactions with your customer support team. PlanHat is not only an option for companies with a small customer base or loads of time to manually check in on every customer.

PlanHat is designed to allow teams to spend less time on the technical side of product development, so they can focus more on the strategic and creative aspects. PlanHat makes sure that your team is focused on connecting with customers at a time when they are most interested in buying from you. Price. planHat’s start-up plan costs $500 per month and $1 per customer/month.


Zendesk is a customer service tool. It can be used to manage support tickets and other forms of customer interaction. Zendesk is about its customer’s success, not their money. Once you’ve installed the Support Suite, you can chat with your customers across multiple channels, collect their data in a single database, and analyze their behavior in different reports. You can also integrate your favorite tools into this space, so you don’t waste time getting up to speed or maneuvering around a platform that doesn’t work with your process.

Zendesk offers a variety of customer support features, including the ability to communicate in different languages on different channels. Price. Zendesk Support Suite costs just $5 per agent for the first 30 days, and then just $2 per agent after that.

Some Features of CSS

  • Customer analytics engagement
  • Tracking of product usage
  • Scoring of health
  • Profile of users
  • Margins and padding


Regardless of the product, you’re selling and who you’re targeting, it’s vital to have a plan in place for how to help customers succeed. Make sure you carefully select the Customer Success software that will meet your needs and the needs of your customers.