How to Scrape 100 Million Emails from Instagram

Social media is a great tool for business promotion, especially Instagram and Facebook. While the startup cost of paid advertising is expensive, it can help generate qualified leads by targeting ads to your ideal customer. If you’re looking to scale things up, there are much more effective methods of building your sales email list. One of these includes scraping emails from Instagram. If you want to know how to scrape 100 million emails from Instagram, just keep reading.

What is Scraping?

All web content has the potential to be profitable. Information is the foundation of any kind of business, and an organization (or person) that has access to the most information will have an advantage over those who do not Social media scraping can be done on a large scale to capture items of interest. Even though it’s difficult to find someone who is not on social media, there are still some.

By creating accounts on these platforms, users lend credibility to the platform and make their information easier to find. Images can be used to portray what some users are passionate about. You can gain valuable insight into people’s preferences by tracking their social media behavior. Many people and businesses are scraping all social media sites in the world to extract information.

Where Can You Extract Emails On Instagram?

You need to have a clear grasp of the process of planning an Instagram marketing strategy before you even think about scraping user information. Here’s how you can find engagement on Instagram:

1.Profile bio

You might already know that, on every profile, there is a bio description box where users can describe themselves. Most businesses include their contact details, such as email and phone number, on their business pages. The About section is where you get to tell your story and explain to the reader why they should trust you.

2. About us

Due to a security check, to switch to a business profile on Instagram, you have to input your company’s contact details. Extracting contact information from a business page is easy, but a scraping tool will prevent you from getting banned from websites. Businesses can mention contact details in stories and

It is not possible to see the contact us button on Instagram when you’re using Instagram on your desktop. 

How to Scrape Millions Of Emails On Instagram

How to Scrape Millions Of Emails On Instagram If you need unlimited email addresses, you have to use a tool or software that will endlessly search Instagram for you. You can try contacting us manually, but it’s probably more efficient to automate the process.

It’s a great idea to automate your campaigns because you can do it from anywhere, at any time. With the right tools, You can use tools to help you reach out to businesses on Instagram, or you can send all of your emails directly. The vast majority of people will save time if they use these tools, and a reasonable person will take advantage of these tools.

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Goal Of Business Behind Email Scrapping

Because Instagram has over one billion monthly users, this includes around 25 million businesses. An estimated 35% of Instagram’s users have made a purchase on their mobile devices, which is 70% more often than non-users.

For business accounts, you’ll be able to see the customer’s email address and phone number, but not for personal accounts. Some companies use email addresses to send marketing messages and newsletters to their customers, and they often allow people to download contact details.

A recommendation feed allows you to quickly and easily reach your target audience. Word and hashtag order in Instagram posts can tell you a lot about what’s trending on that platform, so with the right tools, it’s possible to scrape content from certain topics. There are three ways to scrape Instagram. You can use Chrome extensions, pay a service provider, or use professional web scraping software.

How to Achieve Scrapping

During the scraping process, you can target specific profiles, hashtags, and locations. By using Instagram’s API, which is a way to interact with their application program interface (API) to gather data in a standardized way, you can get the results. The context parameter acts as a filter and can contain a place, user, or hashtag. If you require more results, you will need to enter a more refined filter. The first few posts of a public Instagram page (not private or by internet bots) can be accessed via the following link. It will only show 100 posts, which is normal.

And, as you keep scrolling down; Instagram will start loading posts in the background using a single XHR request to an Instagram’s GraphQL endpoint. Currently, the endpoint cannot be accessed directly. We can use Puppeteer to automate the infinite scrolling.

A simple way to retrieve data from Instagram is to search for hashtags, retrieve records with these hashtags, and then gather profile information about the accounts associated with these records.

The most basic step in data aggregation is to harvest email addresses. This leads to many other pieces of data being harvested, such as phone numbers and other personal details. When we acquire hashtags, we need to make sure there are no duplicates, that they’re relevant to the client’s industry, that they’re not untargeted, and that they’re not already overused.

Technical Details About Scrapping

The Instagram feed consists of posts with just one parent since the page’s endpoint is protected by a token. The pagination of comments is triggered by an XHR request to the Instagram GraphQL endpoint. You can access the information either by logging in or by not logging in. Doing this without logging in means you can scrape hashtags and usernames.

To access more valuable data like emails and best phone services you need to pay for the service. The company charges $55 per 100 users. A custom Laravel admin interface allows you to manage all of your hashtags and users in a single location.

Expenses Of Scraping 100 Million Emails

Scraping Instagram is not an easy task, and there is a lot to consider if you want to do it effectively. Each user login requires a proxy, and we use a dozen proxies for every 100-150 users. $45 per month covers our cost of proxies. When it comes to execution speed and the time required, we always start with our testing mode. During this phase, we don’t rush things. We don’t skip a single step. We don’t just “do things” as we want to be sure that the process works, and that it meets all.

The next thing we need to do is test more serious optimizations. The process consists of collecting larger amounts of data faster. This is tricky because here it becomes harder to keep up with the process that creates the flow of the text. For instance, our team has scraped 40% of the captions on Instagram, but the rest is going to take more time.


The number of proxies you’ll need is going to depend on how many Instagram will let you have. Sometimes, Instagram’s API will ban (either temporarily or permanently). Several times we managed to scrape 300 flows, but this can change rapidly.

We can parse 1,5 million accounts per day with 180 accounts. We are now parsing 200k accounts a day, even though we didn’t change much.


To generate 4 million emails per month, we pay ~$500 for the software and labor needed to scrape email addresses. This costs us roughly 1 cent per email address.


Instagram has over 1 billion users worldwide, who use the app daily. Users are located in different countries and are your potential customers. Scraping Instagram’s data allows you to target these people accurately in marketing campaigns. With this in mind, scraping Instagram with professional software is a wise choice for businesses wishing to grow.