Face identification hits the Covid-mask challenge

Wearing a mask is a new normal since last year. But now, things are coming back to life. People have started their out-of-house activities again. Still, we all have to take precautions to avoid any upcoming wave of the corona. So no matter where we are, we are obliged to wear a proper mask for safety purposes. Covering the face is a must if we are on duty, going on morning walks, or doing groceries in stores.

But have you ever thought about the security of the public? How will we be able to maintain check and balance in sensitive institutes? If we are not able to see people’s faces. Airports, military bases, governmental houses, national diplomatic events, police stations, etc. Yes, we can do covid tests of people; it’s one of the solutions. But what about people meeting new faces daily? As well as visiting new places? They can catch Covid from anywhere.

Now no need to stay worried about the solution anymore. Technology once again surprised us with its mind-blowing advancement. Do you want to know what the solution that technology brings is? 

Face verification with a mask on:

Now computers and security cameras can identify human faces within the mask. This technology is getting more appreciation day by day. The giant empires, entertainment industries, and powerful states are not wasting a second to adopt this tech solution.

Do you think that verification can be less accurate if part of the face is not visible? We have valid shreds of evidence for our readers here. NIST has applied this technology to the American public by covering the people’s faces with digital masks.

Results came entirely satisfactory. There are also some other facial identification technologies whose results come pretty well. Department of Homeland Security in the USA also conducted a test and got a 95% success rate. They stated that organizations that check photo IDs could probably allow people to put their masks on, thereby lessening the risk of Covid.

Contactless Practices:

The interesting thing is this technology is also being applied in black lives matter agitation.

The best news came so far is that the entertainment boss is also going for a month’s trial. It was announced last Monday, and the entertainment king is “Disney world.” Its system captures a picture of a Visitor’s face and turns it into a different number linked with the form of entrance used for admission into Disney land. Visitors dont need to remove their masks. It not only cuts waiting time but gives contactless experiences.

Research before panademic: 

Even before the covid situation, research was undertaken on how facial identification could work with covered faces.

In Japan, NEC was also working for people who cover their faces due to allergies. NEC’s results were 99.9%, and the system focuses on the eyes and forehead.

Strict commands:

We have great news for Sports lovers as well. That in Japan, the upcoming Olympics is going to be held in July with facial verification technology.

It is not still apparent what for – but there will be strict controls limiting jeering and singing, and foreign visitors will not be able to attend.

We expect this latest news brings hope to your life. Optimism is the best policy that needs to be addressed to reduce pandemic impacts on people.