How to Make Money Blogging in 2024-Full Guide by Techlopedia

Making money blogging is one of the most important aspects of having the success you desire. But just knowing that something needs to be done is very different from the knowledge and know-how on how to carry it out. As a blogger, many factors contribute to your ability to make money blogging, and you need to consider them all so you can optimize your blog for maximum profit. These range from the type of blog you have, your marketing strategy, and the various business and revenue models you use.

Not only will you earn more money (and potentially make even more money), but you’ll also be able to use your new skills to solve problems for yourself and other people.

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You can make money writing blog posts in 6 different ways. Let’s know each in detail:


We’re not big fans of sales-oriented advertising on other people’s sites as a strategy to make money. If your network generates 1M visitors/year (which is possible, depending on the niche), then you can be sure that the large ad networks will work with you This means you don’t need to worry that your affiliates might lure your audience away.

Some niches are very difficult to monetize, For example, unless you’re a celebrity or a trusted expert in a niche that’s big (like cooking), it’s difficult to profitably scale a business around cooking recipes, since people can just search for them online for free.

2.Affiliate Marketing

Starting a blog and using it to generate passive income can be very effective. A good choice is affiliate marketing, where you recommend and get a commission for digital or physical products from other companies. If you have a blog, it may be possible to sell your own digital and physical products. If you’re not sure what digital products to sell, there’s lots of information online about this.

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3.Online Workshops and Courses

Nowadays some several resources and opportunities provide one with all the training methods needed to learn to blog and earning money online. The web abounds with such organizations offering different courses and workshops that can teach you is required to start blogging. They do not demand anything other than registering yourself in any of them by paying some nominal amount or making your participation fee.

4.Books and eBooks

The hard copy book and eBooks on Blogging and Blog Promotion are best for making money in the online blogging business because the books and eBooks will give you the step-by-step guide to make your blog successful.

5.Coaching / Consulting

Making money blogging can be quite difficult until you get the right tools to make it as effortless and straightforward as possible. This is where coaching and consulting come in handy. They help you overcome some of the common pitfalls that most bloggers face when they start an online blog without strategies for monetizing it.

6.Selling Freelance Services

Providing freelance services can be one of the easiest, most profitable ways to make money from blogging. It’s possible you’re already doing it and don’t know it, and there’s a good chance you do know it. Bloggers often offer creative services to their readers such as logo creation, blog post design, Instagram account set up, etc. You can generate income through your writing while applying your skills and experience.

Step by Step Framework for Beginner how To Make Money Blogging

To make money blogging, first pick a niche you’re passionate about and start creating compelling content. Next, optimize your blog for SEO to attract more visitors. Finally, monetize your blog through advertising, affiliate marketing, or selling products. Let’s delve deeper into each step now.

1.Choose Your Blogging Niche

But when you start making money blogging, you’ll face some challenges that you haven’t encountered before. To be a successful blogger, the first thing you need is to choose the right niche or blog theme. After you’ve started your blog, you should choose a niche. This is because some niches generate more income than others. With the right niche and in time, you just might make some money from blogging.

2.Make Better Your Content Skills

Bloggers all over the world try to make money from blogging. They have set their site goals, they are doing their best to get traffic and they are doing everything that they can to improve their content skills. But there is one question that many a blogger struggle with when it comes to improving their content skills, especially for making money from blogging.

3.Select a Traffic Source

The whole point of creating a blog is for exposure to free traffic and potential money-making opportunities. There are various approaches, however, when it comes to utilizing this opportunity. The two most common are using Google Search or Facebook. Both have benefits as well as challenges. Some people can only get search traffic, while some can only get social traffic.

4.Use Pop Ups to Enhance Your Email List

Pop-Ups are a powerful tool for growing your email list by acquiring new subscribers. They’re a great way of making more online sales from your blog readers because they provide gives them a second chance to subscribe or an easy method of contacting you from another website if they missed subscribing the first time. They’re also a great way to capture even more email addresses for your email list, which, in turn, puts money in your pocket. It would be wise to make the most of it because other bloggers are doing the same and competing to pull traffic from the same pool.

5.Monetizing with Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing is a powerful tool that can help you profit from your blog if done correctly. There are many success stories of people who have quit their day jobs by establishing affiliate marketing websites. No one is saying you’ll make millions in a week, but there are several benefits to using affiliate programs to monetize your blog.

6.Evolve a Matchless Mechanism

With the increasing competition in the blogging industry, it has become very difficult to make money. To be on top of your blogging career, you need to develop a unique mechanism for making money from blogging.

7.Inaugurate the Minimum Viable Funnel

A Minimum Viable Funnel is just a different approach to launching anything. It’s the idea of moving from a vague, broad-stroke form of something to product-market fit and eventually to business model validation.

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5 People Who Make Money Blogging

Marie Forleo, Steve Kamb, Ramit Sethi, Amy Porterfield, and Jon Morrow are successful bloggers who make significant income through diverse methods.They make money by selling information products, running targeted content platforms, and leveraging affiliate marketing. Each has carved a niche, from fitness for nerds to smart financial advice. They demonstrate powerful strategies for monetizing content effectively. Let’s explore their approaches in detail now.

1.Marie Forleo­­ (

Marie has been writing online for nearly 20 years and has put in a lot of work to create her YouTube channel. Her reputation and copy are outstanding, so I am assuming most of her revenue comes from information products. Her flagship product “B-school” seems to be a hit with people who want to go into business for themselves.

You can learn much about creating high-quality content from her work. She’s also really good at the authentic part of balancing valuable content with going for the sale.

2.Steve Kamb (Nerd Fitness)

Nerd Fitness allows Steve to make more than $100,000 a year. It’s a popular place because people are looking for help reaching their goals. Steve also wrote the book Level up Your Life which has been featured in The Wall Street. It’s smart that Steve has used a broad, competitive category (fitness) but targeted a very specific audience (nerds). Differentiation can be a great way to stand out from your competition.

3.Ramit Sethi (I Will Teach You to Be Rich)

Ramit Sethi—Author of NYT bestseller “I Will Teach You to Be Rich”—delivers info products (ebooks, online courses, webinars, etc) about personal finance, entrepreneurship, and personal development. Ramit Sethi is at the top of his game when it comes to being a writer. He’s done a great job with his blog in particular, and I highly recommend following it and researching it if you’re considering making your info products

4.Amy Porterfield (

With more than 250,000 loyal email subscribers, it’s not hard to believe that Amy has been able to build a multi-million dollar business. Looking at her main product site, it looks like she’s selling mostly information products, but she has an affiliate page too. The page looks pretty professional and informative.

In addition to her paid customers, she also draws a significant revenue stream from her free customers. This is an example of using multiple revenue streams to great effect.

5.Jon Morrow (Smart Blogger)

Jon is currently making over $100K per month, which is impressive. He also has several of his free courses, eBooks, and videos available for purchase on his site. I’m sure together they do at least $30–50K per year. If Jon is promoting launch funnels, he could easily be making another $2 million from info products on top of his affiliate revenue.

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Are You Ready to Make Money Blogging?

Considering that the average household income in America is $53,657 that means that only a very tiny fraction of bloggers make enough money to survive without working a full-time job. Starting a blog is the easiest way to become self-employed and create an income stream that you can rely on.