4 Common E-Commerce Mistakes New Online Sellers Make

It is an exciting time to be creating an online store with the growing popularity of e-commerce. With that, many new online sellers are entering the world of e-commerce. However, due to the competition in this field or perhaps just because it’s unchartered territory, there is always the chance of making mistakes.

The number of new eCommerce sites is constantly increasing, which means there is more and more competition for you. Now while this is fantastic news for the online retail industry, it can be super intimidating if you’re just starting.

If you’re burnt out from being on the other side of the transaction, or maybe you never had a brick and mortar store then this is an article that’s specifically for you. We’ve compiled a quick list of things you should avoid when starting your online store.

4 Common E-Commerce Mistakes

Once you start selling online, you’re faced with the very real chance of making some common e-commerce mistakes that could cost you your business. We all make mistakes, but it’s important to recognize them before they become a business-ending issue.

1.Creating a Website that Looks Cluttered

An eCommerce entrepreneur, one of your most important tasks is to design and create an effective website. Your customers are going to perceive the site in a certain way, and if it doesn’t match their expectations, they’re not going to buy from you.

If you are selling anything online, be prepared to invest an adequate amount of time and resources into designing and maintaining a website. There are numerous tools that you can use to create your site including WordPress theme builderscustom domain builders, and free ones like Woo Development Company’s Magento theme (which is included in many SEO packages). The themes are not all the same. Some are simple, some are complex. Some are flexible, some are very specific. You need to plan your website carefully so that you can pick one that can work for you.

Tips to Create a Stunning Website

  • Provide clear and easy to understand the content, create trust with your audience
  • Create an intriguing call to action buttons
  • Provide customer reviews on product pages
  • Use the right kind of images for their products, colors, and styles
  • include multiple payment methods
  • Optimize product descriptions
  • Use dynamic description tags
  • Offer deals that encourage more spending

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2.Creating a Poor Product Description

As a new seller, you should learn how to write product descriptions that will grab the attention and interest of customers. Customers who are looking for your products are looking for an answer, a reason to go into your store and buy something. If all your descriptions are identical (and often boring), you’re losing potential customers who just want to come back and buy more. Write product descriptions that provide value and interest based on the customer’s searches for related products.

You need to create effective product descriptions without being overwhelming. Good product descriptions get your potential customers engaged, increasing their chances of buying from you, and help you stand out from your competitors on the search engine.

Tips to Write Engaging Product Description

  • Write your product description in the active voice
  • Use action verbs and concrete language
  • Tell a story about why people will love this product
  • Give benefits of the how the product makes life easier or improves their experience
  • Consider adding a personal touch
  • Insert calls to action
  • Offer warranty or guarantee for peace of mind
  • Allow customers to buy without registration
  • Search for keywords before publishing and optimize the description

3.Focusing on the Wrong Marketing Channels

It is a common mistake that new eCommerce entrepreneurs make. They focus on the wrong channels – e.g. social media channels and blog advertising – and lose sight of the true goal which is to grow their business organically through the market. The real key to success is to know which channels and segments of the market to focus on.

The best marketing channel for you is one that will help you grow your company rapidly while also getting you access to niche audiences that are ready for your offerings. One of the most important aspects of building your eCommerce website knows how to choose the right marketing channel for your needs. The wrong choice might even lead you to lose your audience.

When most people think about marketing their business they tend to think in terms of blog posts, articles, ad campaigns, and social media. While all of these things are important, it’s a very basic view of how to market an online business. There’s a lot more that goes into making sure your store is successful and that you get visitors using it each time they want to shop online.

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4.Missing an Influential Call to Action

A unique call to action on each page of your store is very important for boosting conversion rates. Without a compelling offer, visitors will be left without buying anything and will likely leave in frustration. Visitors are more likely to buy from a website with a good sales process because they are more likely to be loyal to a company that uses an exceptional sales technique. Visitors want to return again and again for more deals and peace of mind.

A visitor who leaves with a purchase feels more engaged than one who stays home and reads a blog post. Make sure your call to action is spoken directly to the person who is about to make a purchase. The best salespeople know how to acquire users through powerful calls to action which encourage action and discussion on your products and services.


Being an online seller is a ton of hard work. It requires a lot of discipline, planning, care, and attention. Being a successful one requires a bit of luck. Some people who start an online business don’t complete it. But there are still ways you can set yourself up for success.

Online business is all about communication. You need to figure out how you will break down your offers and pricing so that potential customers get value for their money. You also need to think about ways to make yourself stand out from competitors, other users, and other stores in your local area.