Top 10 best writing apps that will make you a better writer

Writing has a role in attracting customers, telling stories, and building brands. Even though it’s deeply human, you can use technology to make yourself a better writer. Technology can help you become a better writer by providing feedback. Online writing tools such as Hemingway and Grammarly can help point out where you can improve.

Best Writing apps are supposed to make your life easier like other technological devices. Their presence can influence you to work more, faster. The article below features several apps that will help you write essays more easily. Here are a few tools you can use to make the process of writing essays easier now. The quality of the app’s performance, design, order process, and completed work are among the criteria for rating.


  1. Scrivener
  2. Draft
  3. Grammarly
  4. Ulysses
  5. ProWrittingAid
  6. Hemingway
  7. Freedom
  8. JotterPad
  9. iA writer
  10. Readable


If you want your output to be more refined and streamlined, you will want to use Scrivener. Scrivener offers several templates that can help you automatically organize your writing projects, from novels to screenplays to essays. One advantage of that software is that it has a template for each element in your project, including virtual notecards.

Further capabilities of the tool include tracking your research, customizing your material, and analyzing your text. The perfect app, Scrivener is, for a variety of reasons, the ideal app to have on your phone when writing for any type of project, if you’re looking for an easy-to-use application to help you write, we recommend using this small application that is designed for writers.

PRICE: $45

BEST UES: screenwriters, Authors, Novelists,

ACCESSIBLE ON: Windows, Mac, iOS

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Draft combines the speed and simplicity of a word processor with the power of version control. Using Draft is like using a word processor; you can focus on composing your thoughts without having to worry about version control.

Final Draft is for you if you’re looking for a professional screenwriting program that will help you organize your scripts and collaborate with others. The inclusivity analysis feature lets you track how your character interacts with other characters and their use of words such as ‘he’, ‘she’, and ‘they’. The only way to know if a writing system works is to try it out. Experiment with different variables until you find a combination that works for you. Because you can direct as a group in real-time, it’s much easier to keep up with the changes that others are making. If you want to sell your script, Final Draft exports several different formats for you, available today.

A major drawback of Final Draft software is the price tag. $250 can be a lot of money for a struggling screenwriter. If this describes you, consider Storyist or similar software for now, but keep it in mind for when you have more money to spare.

PRICE: $249.99, License-free

BEST USE: Professional screenwriters

ACCESSIBLE ON: Windows, Mac, Ios


Grammarly is the top spelling and grammar checker for bloggers and copywriters. Like any good editor, Grammarly will point out your mistakes. It will also give you details about why the mistake was made so that you understand how to avoid it in the future.

Some of the features that Grammarly has include sentence structure checks, idea flow checks, and context checks to ensure you’re most effectively communicating what you want. You can measure how well your text accomplishes these goals using metrics like clarity, engagement, and delivery.

The ability of Grammarly to examine writing that is in progress makes it better for short-form copywriting than long-form storytelling.

PRICE: Free, premium version available 

BEST USE: Writers who want to carefully check every article and email.

ACCESSIBLE ON: browser extension, Web


Ulysses, similar to Scrivener, is a powerful tool for organizing your writing projects and keeping track of it all. Many full-time freelance writers face the problem of staying organized. Ulysses will help you reach your writing goals faster. Ulysses is a great tool for writers who need to focus on their content, rather than the appearance of their writing. There are a bunch of apps for writers, but this one is specifically tailored for people who want to write long stories.

Ulysses uses the standard Markdown syntax to transform your documents. Instead of having to type in paragraph formatting, you can create shortcuts using symbols. You can organize your keyword labels easily with Ulysses, which is an excellent app that does exactly what it promises to do.

PRICE:  per month $4.99 per year $39.99

BEST USE: iOS devices, Mac

ACCESSIBLE ON: Writers want to optimize their formatting for maximum speed and minimum effort.

5. ProWritingAid

While Grammarly is a grammar corrector, ProWrittingAid is a content editor, with the ability to edit everything from grammar and style to word choice and organization. While it still catches many errors, ProWrittingAid suggestions tend toward making your prose flow better— for example, reducing passive voice and filler words.

ProWritingAid offers features that are found in big-name programs, like vocabulary analysis and sentence structure, but it also has a unique AI feature. ProWritingAid will be able to point out issues and tell you how to improve your writing. Grammarly is a free tool that will help you improve the quality of your writing (but keep in mind that there are several paid features).

PRICE: Per year $70

BEST USE: Long-form writers hoping to hone their style should experiment with the scene-by-scene approach.

 ACCESSIBLE ON: Web, Mac, Windows

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Hemingway Editor helps you write leaner by removing unnecessary words and simplifying your sentence structure. The app doesn’t have any storage or organizational features because the purpose of the app is to help users craft better prose.

If you’re editing a long document and need to coordinate your writing with photos, checklists, or another formatting, you can use it in conjunction with another writing app You can do this directly in the Hemingway app or if you’ve already written something that needs work, just paste it in there, If you need to frequently switch between the writing and editing modes, then it’s like having to continually stop and start your car. It’s inefficient. If you want to make continuous adjustments, instead of stopping and starting, make the changes in the editing. The app does not try to rewrite your sentences. It only helps you to write them in a way that makes sense and communicates more effectively. This app isn’t as feature-rich as others, so if you want something that can write for yourself, instead of just suggesting ideas, this isn’t the right app. The Hemingway Editor is great if you need help with editing to improve clarity.

PRICE: Free or $19.99

BEST USE: People who need editing services.

ACCESSIBLE ON: Web ¸Mac¸ Windows


Like any other tool, Freedom is only effective when people know how to use it. If you don’t discipline yourself to resist the temptation of distracting websites and apps, then Freedom will not help you. With Freedom, you can set up timed blocks, schedule blocks in advance, and pause whenever you need to.

It’s a piece of software that blocks websites and desktop apps and also blocks your phone to keep you from distracting yourself while using your computer. But some users have found Freedom to be a bit intimidating because of the subtle branding and the serious commitment that you need to make.

PRICE: Try it free for 7 sessions, then pay $6.99/month or $30/year

BEST USE: Writers who have a problem admitting they’re internet-addicted

ACCESSIBLE ON: Mac¸ Windows, Android, iOS


JotterPad is one of the best writing apps you can find on any platform, right alongside equivalent apps on other platforms. It’s loaded with features that bring it close to the top of any list of the best apps for writing. Installation and use of the software are straightforward, and there are no licensing fees. By supporting Markdown, it has the capacity for more in-depth writing projects.

Purchasing a Key-code unlocks the program’s Creative Mode, which provides exceptionally smooth and fast features. Once you learn content creation techniques, you’ll be able to create content more quickly than before.

PRICE: Per month US$6.99 per year US$29.99

BEST USE: This technique can be used to write a book, a novel, lyrics, poems, essays, or a screenplay.

ACCESSIBLE: Windows, Mac


iA Writer owes much of its popularity to reviews, which often compare it to Ulysses because the two writing apps employ Markdown format in different ways. However, the iA Writer interface is more intuitive and less cluttered than most other writing apps. This only makes sense given the company’s mission to keep you focused on the writing task at hand.

This writing app is the best app for users who focus more on simplicity than style. This free tool allows you to enhance your writing by providing syntax highlighting, dark mode, and a narrative tracker. This app works perfectly on both Mac and Windows.

PRICE: $19.99 for Windows, $29.99 for Mac

BEST USE: Writers who prefer to say what they mean in as simple a way as possible.

 ACCESSIBLE: iOS, Mac, Windows


Our core mission is to help you make it easier to understand your writing. The main difference between Readable and Hemingway is that Readable also identifies the stylistic problems in your writing. This app will detect run-on sentences, fragments, and simple grammatical errors. It will also report information about reading time and how much people remember from your writing.

You’ll also get a readability score for each tool: Flesch-Kincaid, Gunning Fog, etc. Unlike ProWritingAid, this tool doesn’t offer keyword density and quality control. Readable is the newest competitor in the paragraph-shortening market, and it’s a good option if you’re looking for a free tool. But professional writers might prefer to pay for the full version of one of their competitors.

PRICE: The Readable Pro account provides free access and $4/month for a year.

BEST USE: Short-form writers


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Writers often struggle with finding the best writing apps. There are ten writing apps to try that will help you get the words out and your thoughts more clearly. First, try these 10 best writing apps for Android or iPhone based on their features and reviews.