Meta Ray-Bans Challenger with ChatGPT-4o and Camera Unveiled

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If you want glasses with hands-free video recording and an AI voice assistant, options are limited. The Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses are the clear leader. However, Solos plans to release a camera-equipped version of its smart glasses later this year. These new glasses will feature OpenAI’s GPT-4o AI model. The AI will recognize objects and answer questions about what you see.

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The Solos AirGo Vision will include a swappable frame system. This allows you to swap out the camera if it’s not suitable for certain settings or if you want a different look or sun shades. Additional frames will cost between $89 and $129.

According to the company, the Vision will have notification LEDs for incoming calls or emails. It can also integrate with Google Gemini and Anthropic’s Claude AI models. Like Meta’s Ray-Bans, it will answer questions over audio. Other than the LEDs, it does not have a display.

The AirGo Vision doesn’t have a price or specific release date yet. However, they will cost more than $249.99. This is the price Solos will charge for a pair without the camera in July. The Ray-Bans currently start at $299.

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In conclusion, the upcoming Solos AirGo Vision promises to be a strong competitor to the Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses. These smart glasses are set to offer versatility and cutting-edge technology. Although the exact price and release date are not yet available, the expected cost of over $249.99 suggests they will be a premium option in the market. Keep an eye out for the AirGo Vision as they could redefine your smart eyewear experience.

Source: Here comes a Meta Ray-Bans challenger with ChatGPT-4o and a camera