Vision Pro to Feature Apple Intelligence with In-Store Demos

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Despite its impressive technical capabilities, Apple’s Vision Pro hasn’t made a big impact yet. However, it’s still early, and Apple is backing the headset with more effort. The company plans to add AI features to visionOS and is preparing updated in-store demos.

Apple is working to incorporate Apple Intelligence into the headset’s augmented reality interface, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. This might reassure Vision Pro owners who were disappointed by the lack of mention during the AI segment of the WWDC 2024 keynote.

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Gurman writes that the company is adding a new “Go Deeper” option to its in-store demos. This includes testing office features and watching videos. It also defaults to the Dual Loop band, which goes over the top and around the back of the head. This replaces the Solo Loop band, which some find uncomfortable.

Apple will also let users view their own videos and photos in the headset, including panoramas. This sentimental touch could be appealing, especially with the upcoming visionOS 2. This update features a “spatialize” option to turn 2D photos into 3D ones. This feature is impressive but can be quirky with hair and glasses, similar to Apple’s Portrait Mode.

However, viewing personal images on such a large scale might highlight flaws. It’s like seeing your iPhone photos on a computer monitor but magnified to the size of a wall.

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It feels like all of this is just a stopgap until Apple releases a cheaper headset, which is expected at the end of next year. The details are unclear due to conflicting rumors. Some say it will have lower-res displays, while others claim it will keep the high-res displays, but that work on the Vision Pro 2 has stopped.

The common theme is that Apple struggles to make the headset it wants without a high price. It’s too soon to call the Vision Pro a failure, but without a cheaper version, Apple might not have a clear path forward. They might have to settle for Vision Pro, which serves a niche market while pursuing the dream of lightweight AR glasses.

Source: The Vision Pro will get Apple Intelligence and “Go Deeper” in-store demos