Why is Development Team Augmentation the Best Option for You

A development team augmentation can make the difference between getting the work done and getting it done right. As an added perk, by working with top-notch developers, your project will be on solid ground. It’s a great option for those who are just starting and need to develop a product without sacrificing quality.

What is development Team Augmentation?

Staffing augmentation is a way to build a flexible workforce in your organization, which will give you smooth and sustainable growth. Moreover, it provides the organization with information about management strategies or planning guides for adding temporary staff and removing unneeded resources.

The staffing agencies or online talent platforms provide access to qualified contingent labor for IT and tech projects. Market analysts say the staffing industry generated 500 billion U.S. dollars in 2019.

Enterprise software companies are offering staff augmentation services as an additional service. Many companies are now introducing new outsourcing plans that allow for flexible, hybrid approaches. Some companies are still doing conventional outsourcing, but most companies are at least trying to switch to the new models.

Benefits of Staff Augmentation services

Staff augmentation services provide you with the ability to closely match temporary positions to temporary professionals. Software companies can hire temporary employees for specific projects, which can help them handle workloads more effectively.

In the IT industry, where projects are constantly being outsourced, companies benefit from a staffing model that allows them to have just the right talent for each project. Despite all the benefits we’ve outlined here, there are even more advantages to integrating your marketing with our team like:

1.Access to Bigger Talent

Flexibility provides an organization with an opportunity to find better talent. Staff augmentation makes it easier for businesses to staff up and down as needed.

When you hire a business analyst, you want to make sure they have domain expertise so they can help your product team solve problems from a perspective that’s completely fresh and outside-in.

Besides that, professional services firms can hire independent contractors to help them with their projects.


Hiring is expensive, time-consuming, and risky. Team augmentation is a cost-effective, scalable, and safer option. This system also offers comprehensive online payroll services so you do not have to worry about building, managing, and tracking your income and expenses as well.

Apart from this, hiring experienced contractors for training purposes also provides a less costly alternative to hiring fresh graduates with minimal work experience.

3.Hold Control

Use a staffing firm to augment your staff. This will free up your time to do project management and it still gives you control over your project. Staff augmentation enables you to use the expertise of an external agency while maintaining full control over your employees.

Execution is a crucial part of project management, and that’s something where project managers at companies face issues. By using staff augmentation, firms can effectively manage the entire process of outsourcing.

4.Assured Efficiency

Even startups can benefit from software development team augmentation. Doing so lets you save time and money, and ensures your project will get done well. Technical staff can help you prototype, build a minimum viable product, or if you need the first round of product. In addition to this, an expert in QA software testing and assurance can cover specifics for you.

5.Flexible Staffing

The way to make the most of your software development team is to increase their variation (flexibility) and decrease their size. Once you’ve communicated to the agency what you’re looking for in an employee, they will provide the best person for the job.

If you hire people who aren’t as qualified or experienced as others you could have hired, you’ll be able to fire them at a moment’s notice.

6.Augmented Visibility

The enterprise’s new skills integration system can help with voluminous projects. This will help with time management and visibility, and with efficient delivery.

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Team Augmentation is Different from Other Models

As the saying goes, there’s strength in numbers. Team augmentation is a good way to create a large workforce so you have the resources to tackle large projects.

It’s important to look at all the possible scenarios when deciding which engagement type to use because it can affect the return on investment.

Cohesive Managed IT Consultation services

Hiring a managed service provider to run your services is mostly giving away the control over your entire project to them, including costs and risk management, maintenance, reports, support, and other related factors. You should also know of possible disadvantages related to this option.

  • The cost of developing technology will go up over time, but the cost of hiring someone to keep your technology current can get very expensive. Also, an experienced developer is worth a lot more than a beginner.
  • One disadvantage of outsourcing for some customers is the loss of flexibility because many companies outside the United States can’t adapt to changing requirements.

Outsourcing Project

Outsourcing is a simple, yet powerful, growth strategy for IT companies. If you want to be successful with outsourcing, you need to find the right partner. An important difference between the augmentation of a team and project outsourcing is the scope of control.

The IT service provider is the manager and coordinator of the project, which depends on where they delegate responsibilities. The providers ensure that the project gets done, regardless of how complex or vast, it is.

However, with an augmentation model, your team can easily take on new projects without transitioning to a new collaboration model.

Things to Consider While Approaching Team Augmentation

  • Understand the process of the vendor and evaluate whether it would affect the quality of your final product.
  • A vendor needs to provide a fixed price that does not depend on the number of products you sell because that means there is no conflict of interest between the vendor and the customer.
  • Sometimes it’s quick and easy to find the perfect resource, other times it might take a while to find someone who fits your needs. Keep patience.
  • Although the new team needs time to get used to the standards and culture of the company, they do not compromise the quality of the product.
  • Do not hire a team that is not experienced. Hire an experienced team to get the best results for your business.
  • It’s important to understand the specific attributes of the contract that is signed with a provider.
  • With a confidentiality agreement, customers can be assured that their intellectual property will be safeguarded when entering into a partnership.

Summing Up

The truth is that the latest tools and resources are far from the most important factor for a company’s success. New ways of working and living also bring new business opportunities, although they are not always so obvious at first. Today, even a small or mid-size firm can grow to meet the demands of business, as long as they provide customer satisfaction and remain competitive.

That said, there are intangible benefits of working with an IT professional service provider, specifically that they have a consistent track record of producing good results, without the downsides of using a full-time team.