The Best Phone Services for Small Business

Have you been looking for a better phone service provider? Are your current phone plans and features not enough? People are fickle. If they don’t get exactly what they want, they’ll go to a competitor. That’s why it’s important to be aware of the best phone service provider for small businesses that will be able to deliver today – along with tomorrow. There are a lot of phone service providers out there and it can be very difficult to decide which one is the best for small businesses. There are a lot of things you should consider and tips you should know when choosing the right one. You may be surprised to know some providers offer great features and an affordable price. We will cover them all here.

The Best Business Phone Service Providers for 2021

Multiple phone service providers offer business VoIP services in the United Kingdom right now. In the rest of this article, we will look at how business VoIP providers are different than residential ones from a few different.

  • GoToConnect ­- is a customer relationship management (CRM) tool.
  • Grasshopper– Is suitable for freelancers and solopreneurs
  • Vonage – is suitable for advanced features and reliable services.
  • Nextiva – is best for traditional out of office organizations
  • RingCentral – Best for business that is heavily dependent on text messaging,
  • 1-VoIP – best for often uses of phone
  • – best used for a small operating system

Here’s a list of small business products that will help you track your finances.

  1. GoToConnect 

GoToConnect is a tool designed to manage small and medium-sized business customer relationships. It helps businesses connect with their customers and clients through any channel – website, social media, telephony, or even cell phone GoToConnect is designed to help you connect with your target customers and help them feel satisfied with their experience. The free tool draws users into a personal relationship with a target customer. By building a relationship through content and social media posts, GoToConnect helps its users build a connection that lasts throughout their account history. Business owners can then use the data generated from this relationship to thrive both on and off the platform.


  • Conference calling
  • Conference recording
  • Conversation Monitor
  • Auto attendants
  • Advanced Call Handling
  • Mobile Applications
  • IM Broadcast and IM Alerts
  • Instant Messaging via the desktop
  • Internet Phone Calls
  • Personal Voicemail Previews
  • Group Scheduling
  • Contact Management Syncing and more!

Their Support Center is a place where you can connect with customers, lending them a helping hand and answering any technical issues they may face. The GoToConnect system comes with all the wiring and software you need and takes no technical know-how to set up.

  1. Grasshopper 

Grasshopper is an online platform that connects freelancers with experienced contractors who can help with tasks such as website design, development, content development, and more. Thinking of starting a new business? You should talk to a few people who’ve done it before and check out some books.

It doesn’t hurt to look at business opportunities online, but sometimes it can be hard to understand what they are and what they aren’t. For example, many business directories have links to blog posts that talk about exactly what the directory is offering. A lot of things are worth knowing but won’t actually make an impact on your life. This guide is meant to help you find grasshopper-friendly resources and make the right decisions for yourself.


  • Simple and easy
  • VoIP and Wi-Fi calling
  • Rapid deployment time
  • Natively cloud-ready
  • Natively mobile ready
  • Advanced visualization tools
  • Advanced third party integration capabilities
  • Voicemail system
  • Extensions

There is no restriction of any kind and service available 24/7. The Grasshopper app integrates with Gmail and other mail accounts, allowing you to access all of your interactions in one place.

  1. Vonage

Vonage is a cloud-based collaboration platform that helps small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) grow. With 24/7 support and a global network, Vonage helps users everywhere establish and improve their online presence in the shortest possible time. It provides the tools and processes to reach out to potential customers, build relationships, and grow sales while streamlining operations on a minimal budget. Vonage is ideal for startups, SMBs, entrepreneurs, consultants, exporters, and manufacturers looking for cost-effective ways to build and improve their brand awareness, communication, reputation, and customer acquisition.

Business owners can use the card to pay bills, buy gift cards and get cashback at locations where they accept MasterCard. It can be set up so that payments are automatically debited from a purchase of goods and services when customers make their first purchase on the card.


  • Web interface
  • Unlimited call minutes
  • Conference calling
  • Toll-free numbers
  • HD voice
  • International calling features
  • Vonage mobile app
  • On-demand support and service

The company offers several plans, with rates based on how many phones and tablets you intend to purchase. Here is a summary.


There are times when you’d rather just do a phone call from your mobile device or your desktop computer

  • 1-4 lines – $19.99 for one month
  • 5-19 lines — $17.99 for one month
  • 20+ lines — $14.99 for one month


Easily manage your team from anywhere and use just about any kind of device to do it.

  • 1-4 lines — $29. 99 for one month
  • 5-19 lines — $27.99 for one month
  • 20+ lines — $24.99 for one month 

For many businesses, Vonage is a great option because it allows you to keep your business number and gives the whole team access for many businesses; RingCentral is a great option because it allows you to keep your business number and gives the whole team access.


  • 1-4 lines — $39.99 for one month
  • 5-19 lines — $27.99 for one month
  • 20+ lines — $34.99 for one month

The Advanced plan comes with group conference calls and virtual voicemail service.

  1. Nextiva

Nextiva offers the most complete out-of-office solutions for traditional business communication, including email, conference calling, and VoIP phone services. This complete service makes it possible for users to work together even when they reside in different locations. Users may avail the services of Nextiva employees even when they are incarcerated or on another official duty status.

Native’s unique selling point is its ability to manage payment processing at zero cost for every nonprofit organization in Germany. All they have to do is add their non-profit organization as a customer and follow the simple payment processing instructions that are automatically generated for them by Nextiva.


  • Manage calls on the go
  • Centralize all customer information
  • Cloud faxing
  • Dropbox hosting
  • Minute plan
  • You can integrate GWT with Salesforce; Hubspot, etc.
  • Free local and toll-free number

These are the costs of each plan, which are equal for every user.

  • Basic— $19.95 for one month
  • Pro— $20.95 for one month
  • Enterprise— $27.95 for one month
  1. RingCentral 

If your business communicates primarily by text, then RingCentral is the perfect solution for you. Your employees can read about new promotions, new products, and events right on their phones without having to leave their desks. Send out quick text updates to encourage collaboration or remind employees to stay after work for a social occasion such as a get-together or a wedding anniversary. The only thing you need to get started is a free account and your current employees can create free accounts for their immediate families as well.

For example, RingCentral saves major business players time sending out notifications such as price checks or important updates about their products or services.


  • Voicemail
  • Conference Calls
  • Texting and Video Calling
  • Answering service (Store the messages in a cloud)
  • Call Forwarding (Take calls on any device)
  • Music on hold (Play your fav music while customers wait)

These are the costs of each plan, which are equal for every user.


  • $19.99 per month for one user
  • Access to 20 users
  • 100 toll-free minutes for one month
  • The call can also be a record
  • Canadian and US citizen have a special offer of unlimited calls


  • $24.99 per month for one user
  • 1,000 toll-free minutes for one month
  • Unlimited usage of internet fax
  • Audio meetings with no limit
  • Video conferencing call for 4 persons
  • Availability of call recording
  • Availability of custom app development


  • $34.99 per month for one user
  • 2,500 toll-free minutes can be used for one month
  • Video conferencing calls including 100 users per meeting (no limit)
  • Availability of recording calls
  • Give support on multi-areas

Ultimate package 

  • $49.99 per month for one user
  • 10,000 toll-free minutes can be used for one month
  • Video conferencing calls including 100 users per meeting (no limit)
  • Availability of recording calls

You can request additional phone numbers with additional calling allowances and international options.  When choosing a call center software, ask about voice messaging features like unlimited business messages

  1. 1-VoIP

1-VoIP is the best one to be considered while choosing. If you only use your phone for voice communication when you are away from home or if your current number doesn’t work, a regular landline phone will probably be fine. Before you decide which landline phone is right for you, though, think about all the different features it offers such as voice search, pushes notifications, and Video Messaging. The important thing to the office is to check the data plan if you’re traveling overseas. If you do plan on using your phone for Voice Communications make sure to research which countries have very strict data caps or you may end up paying through the nose for roaming charges when traveling abroad.


  • Virtual fax
  •  Cloud Service
  • Wide range of devices
  • Toll forwarding ability
  • Security concerns
  •  Creating conference calls
  •  Making international calls
  • Affordable phone plans with the lowest possible rates
  • Extension transfers

This is a perfect solution for companies that want to pay for their phone system and save on monthly fees at the same time If you’re using less than 200 minutes per month, the metered plan will be the most cost-effective for you.

  1.’s core services are simple to understand and straightforward, and that makes the company great for new users.  The objective of is to make it as easy as possible for anyone to start their own business by providing the technology they need in the most affordable packages. Today, they’re making great strides in this direction with their new VoIP Freedom plans.’s goal is to ultimately integrate all types of telephony services under one roof and enable customers to make free calls from any device; anywhere in the world. We can help you find a business VoIP solution that fits your communication needs and budget.


  • Call forwarding
  • Voicemail
  • Support for multiple lines and toll-free numbers
  • Call waiting for caller ID and blocking
  • Speed dial with a directory of names
  • Hearing, visual, and speech impairment services
  • Ability to make calls from your computer
  • Can make international call cheaper
  • Low price and easy installation
  • Comes with a VoIP gateway

Their cheapest plan offers 300 pooled minutes. Each minute is shared with 10 other users taking a minute from the total pool. This plan starts from $10.39 and onward. If you’re a relatively infrequent call user, then one of these low-cost plans is the best option for you.

How You Can Find Best Business Service 

We searched through hundreds of providers to find the ones we feel are best for business. We’ve ranked each of our recommendations according to your business.

  • Quality of Audio And Video Calls: We conducted a comprehensive investigation of the audio and video quality for each phone service, and for whether or not it dropped calls
  • Messaging System ( MMS, SMS): Some UCaaS providers will charge you a flat rate for unlimited messaging. Enterprise-level business phone services often include unlimited SMS and MMS messaging.
  • Customer Support: Support and customer service are often an afterthought when it comes to finding a good freelancing platform. The value proposition of live support is that it helps all internal and external stakeholders, especially your customers and teammates.


You can find a service for your budget and your team, no matter how big or small they are. Some organizations need more phones than others. Not every product is a good choice for every organization.

Small businesses often have limited resources and time to maintain their own telecommunications systems. Aside from the obvious (renting crisis, internet outages), few small businessmen have the time or resources to research the best phone services offered in their area.

It is vitally important that small businesses pick the right phone company for themselves. They can do this with the aid of an independent expert who specializes in telecommunications.