WhatsApp is now on status!

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WhatsApp is in the news for the past months due to its latest update. The latest privacy policy of WhatsApp has been a shock to everyone. According to a survey, WhatsApp has lost many of its users due to this privacy policy, and now it has brought a new revolution to its status section!

Yes! Yesterday morning when I wake up as I opened the status tab of WhatsApp, and voila! What I saw was “WhatsApp status.” And then I saw WhatsApp’s first-ever status, which states that they care about their customers. And their chat is end-to-end encrypted.

There are many rumors about this status update also. Maybe they have launched this feature to take its user again in trust! Or maybe they have thought it’s a better way to interact with clients.  Many people also say that maybe this new feature is to beat Signal and Telegram.

Well, let’s see what more new features WhatsApp will launch. Or will this feature help WhatsApp retain its users?