The Future of AR/VR……is Influencers?

We came across these terms so often, which are virtual reality ad augmented reality. The world is getting mad with the evolution of these technologies. But the main use of these modern technologies is seen in the media field, or you can say the celebrities or the Influencer are pushing themselves more to AR/VR usage.

What do you think, are these influencers the future of augmented and virtual reality? Will they be able to capture the market through more virtual and augmented reality usage? Hold on a second! We will discuss all the above queries in the blog. So stay tuned

What Do We Mean by Influencer?

An influencer is an individual used for the process of marketing and promotion. He/she is the one who represents a story related to any personality, fashion, beauty, tech, or it can be a game stream. An influencer is channel independent. An influencer uses influencer marketing to convey his/her message.

Types of Influencer

It is not a good practice to categories all the influencers based on their traits. Their trait can be positive or negative. Still, they belong to a diverse category related to their language, culture, nationality, and passion.

Three general groups influencers can be classified can be:

  • Aspirational Influencer
  • Authoritative Influencer
  • Peer influencer

Let’s have a look at these categories in detail.

Aspirational Influencer

These influencers are like celebrities. They have a product or service to promote by providing its effect on their lifestyle. You can say they are like brand ambassadors and charge less, and they have a massive impact on their audience. Moreover, their audience is from broader demographics and through multiple platforms.

Authoritative Influencer

They are above aspirational influencers. They are niche professionals who promote niche related services or aspects. They speak more on the industry-related, or you can say tech-savy topics. Their audiences are more than aspirational influencers.

Peer Influencer

They are at micro-level. They can be your coworker, peer, or mentor who conveys a useful message through its daily life experience. Or we can also say someone likely on the starting stages of authoritative or aspirational Influencer.

I hope now the term influencer and their categories are clear to you. Now coming towards the core topic.

Types of Influencer that are Likely to Exist on VR/AR?

When talking about peer influencers, they use softwares that include a little bit of visual that supports augmented or virtual reality. For example, if peer influencer uses Snapchat that supports any feature of augmented or virtual reality, their audience may search it too on the Snapchat and use it. And from such things, trends are derived.

Authoritative influencers are industry-specific. So they post the videos integrated with the software that uses virtual or augmented reality specifically for technology related videos. Posting such type of video causes a huge impact even on the industry.

For example, if thousands of followers or viewers see the integration of some android emulators on the pc allowing mobile applications to run smoothly on laptops bigger screen. This causes a significant impact on the followers as well as the software industry providing them with an opportunity to develop more softwares like that.

Now is the turn of aspirational influencers, they exist in the large number. They have a huge impact on their audience as more of their audience is layman (non-technical). However, if these influencers use any filter related to augmented reality or virtual theirs, followers will use it.

According to our survey, all types of influencers have a great impact on their loyal audience. No matter which software they use, whether it’s a small scale or large, it causes an impact on their audience and trend is created in this way!