How to Write a Sales Email

Have you ever decided to write a sales email to a company just to get a response from them? Maybe it was to request information, give a testimonial or even ask for a discount. If you have used sales emails to drive sales, then you understand how they work. Sales emails are the area where most businesses fall short. They either send too many emails, not enough or none at all. This results in a less than desirable conversion rate. To assist we have created a killer sales email cheat sheet that is sure to boost sales and make you look brilliant.

Things to Consider While Writing a Sales Email

Sale Email is the most direct and effective digital marketing tool available to personal brands. Have you ever wondered why some sales emails seem to work while others are ignored? How can you write a killer sales email that almost guarantees a response? Well, here are seven basic rules:

  • A message needs to be crisply written
  • The subject line should grab attention
  • Give a reason to read more
  • Write with an attitude of gratitude
  • Keep it short and sweet
  • Make it personal
  • E-mail is not a lost cause for B2B
  • Use strong offer
  • email signature and website must be included

Why Sales Email Best for Outreach

Email marketing is transforming the way we interact with businesses Services that enhance your company’s reputation by driving traffic to your website build credibility for you and your company. It’s exceptionally effective for getting new leads and closing sales. Email marketing is transforming the way we interact with businesses. It reduces the cost of marketing, increases client loyalty, and helps you expand your audience. Many businesses are already seeing the effectiveness of email marketing and are integrating it into their overall digital strategy.

  • It will lead to trust and credibility.
  • It alerts customers to sales or special offers
  • It helps you create targeted content for each customer
  • It gives you another opportunity to advertise for free
  • It Increases SEO and gains traffic

Here is a quick run-through of the important points to keep in mind for writing killer copy.

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Step 1 – Write down your value proposition and how it is relevant to the potential customer.

A value proposition is the total of all the information a person needs to successfully solve a problem or decide whether to buy something. Strategically place your value proposition in your sale emails so you get the most out of them. The value proposition is the subject line of your email and should be a clear, punchy statement of your goal for the customer to get on board with you and your product or service. Your value is the action you’re offering customers as a result of their purchasing your product or service. It is the reason people want to engage with you and it is what they will remember over time.

Refer to the Profile of Your Ideal Client

A buyer persona is a fictitious person you create to represent yourself in sales conversations with potential customers. Your persona should be someone who generally buys your products and services. Maybe they’re an entrepreneur who wants to test out new products but doesn’t have any money for testing. Any way you slice it, create a version of your buyer persona that works for your business.

  • Using the name of the target client in your subject line will maximize the opportunity of your email getting open and read.
  • Tell them how you understand their needs and how you can help
  • If you’re looking to maximize your sales, you must follow up on all potential leads as soon as possible.
  • Attach proof that you understand their need if applicable

Some tools can make creating profiles much easier. Hubspot’s free Make My Persona tool is one of them.

You Should Research on Your Prospect

When you consider your prospect’s response, add in how they will react to your ability to do the job. Before reaching out to a new prospect, do some background research on them so you can make a more well-informed connection.

  • Identify the prospect’s business
  • Talk with friends and colleagues-search online
  • LinkedIn profile
  • Understand the prospect’s business goals (industry, competition, etc.)
  • Map prospect’s technology search areas
  • Have a clear value proposition in mind while framing your emails

Step 2 – Write a Killer Subject Line

Rather than jump straight into a pitch for your product, try to build a sense of rapport first by asking questions about the prospect. This is the type of subject line that works.

  • Capitalized-yes, this is important and most people are doing it wrong
  • There should be a question in the subject line which grab the reader attention
  • Simple and to the point
  • The subject line should suggest to the reader that your email will contain something valuable.
  • Does not mislead the reader
  • Personalize it somehow, perhaps by using names or company name

Step 3 – Write the Compelling Email Body

The body of your email should be a great ‘meat’ because it emphasizes the value and benefits of doing business

  • Keep it short and simple
  • Align your message with your audience interests
  • A canned response that creates a positive association and increases customer loyalty.
  • Use actionable words
  • Mention benefits that they will get when they purchase your products or services
  • Always include incentives on why they should act fast!
  • Be upfront about any potential shipping issues or problems you have creating your product or service

Step 4–End Your Email with Call to Action

It is imperative to know the next logical step to take to convert your prospects into paying customers. Communicating on the phone, responding to your email, or completing any other task takes time. Give them a specific schedule of meetings.

Step 5– Give your Signature is the Last Thing to Do

A sound email signature helps you build credibility and gives your prospect a reason to respond to you.

  • Create your signature
  • Add code snippets
  • Link to important pages in your emails
  • Instead of asking your readers to click on a link, include it in the copy, if you think that it will add value
  • Don’t add too many links, they will distract the reader

Last Words

It’s vital to have valid sales emails; it’s not just a routine communication but an important step towards building your company’s reputation online. The above mentioned steps help you for sure in writing an attractive sales Email.