5 Easy Steps to Clean Your Virtual Desktop

Cleaning your desktop is a boring job. We know many people do not find time to clean their virtual desktop, and in this, you may have seen flooded desktops with files and folders. Not only files and folders but also people have apps installed on their devices that are of no use. 

Have you ever wondered how many apps are there on your desktop which you never use? These different applications on your desktop affect your PC’s performance and they may be malicious. Have a look on your desktop and calculate the apps that may have put your pc security at risk. At the same time, we tell you the steps to clean your virtual desktop.  

Decide What You Need?

Have a look on your desktop and see the apps, files, or folders you haven’t used so far. Ensure to check insides the folders and delete the files that are no longer in use now. Also, delete the applications that are no longer in use now.  

For deleting applications make sure to delete them from the “Add or remove program” so that they are deleted permanently from your pc.  

Avoid Shortcuts!

If you are using Windows, then cut all the shortcuts present on your desktop. Windows has everything present at the start, just click it, and you will find all the applications with their icons there. All the applications rearranged alphabetically. I don’t think so you need some other shortcut than this one! 

In this way, also your desktop is cleaned from unnecessary applications.  

Pin it to the Taskbar!

If you find it difficult to go to start and then search for an app or folder here is another option. You can use the taskbar to pin the program that you often use. It is better to pin the application than have applications floating on the desktop.   

It’s better to use the taskbar; it’s the best location to keep quick access apps.  

Quick Access

Windows 10 has many exciting features in it. One of them is quick access. You can find it when you open file explorer, you can see this option on your left side.  

Here you will get all the files, applications, folders, etc. that you have used before. It’s also the best option to explore your recent instead of having them on the desktop screen.  

Merge Your Folders

If you still want your files to be on the desktop, then the best option is to maintain folders. So instead of having 200 files on your desktop you can have 10 folders and arrange the similar files in it.  This also helps you to locate the desired files easily; also, your desktop is not flooded.  

Here were the amazing tips to help you clean your desktop fast and also to maintain it. One important tip is also to deactivate the previous accounts that are no longer in use now. These old accounts are also the target of many hackers.  So go and clean your desktops now! Also, put a motivating wallpaper that keeps you motivated to work!