Google Adds AI Tools to Gmail, Docs and Enterprise Apps

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It’s time to upgrade your email game! Google is rolling out new AI productivity tools for its power users. Announced on Monday, these tools are set to enhance Gmail, Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Drive.

Google’s in-house AI system, Gemini, will be integrated across the Workspace platform. In Gmail, Gemini will act as a chatbot, offering conversational AI features. It can summarize email threads, suggest responses, and help draft emails. Additionally, Gemini can search your inbox for specific information. These updates promise to make your work more efficient and streamlined.

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Google Workspace apps are integrating Gemini to help users with tasks like summarizing, analyzing, and generating content. Examples include brainstorming in Google Docs, summarizing Google Slides presentations, and creating tables or formulas in Google Sheets.

One use case described by Google is planning a company offsite. You can ask Gemini to find hotel information from a Google Doc by saying, “what is the hotel name and sales manager email listed in @Company Offsite 2024.”

Gemini will appear in a sidebar-like panel next to or under each app’s main display screen. These tools are currently available to select Google Workspace customers, including those with Gemini Business and Enterprise add-ons, the Gemini Education and Education Premium add-ons, or Google One AI Premium.

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Google has previously integrated AI into its apps. In 2017, Gmail introduced “Smart Reply” suggestions. Over a year ago, AI email drafts were added to the Workspace Labs program. AI also powers the tabs in Gmail that sort messages into categories like promotions, social media, and updates.

AI chatbots are popular now, being integrated into social media apps like Instagram and Snapchat. Microsoft and Apple have also incorporated ChatGPT software into tools like Siri and their proprietary writing tools.

Source: Google Just Added a Bunch of AI Tools to Gmail, Google Docs, and Other Enterprise Apps