SwitchBot’s Affordable Universal Remote: Control Your Smart Home with Ease

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SwitchBot’s new screen-equipped universal remote extends its capabilities beyond just controlling your home entertainment center. 

With support for Bluetooth and Matter, this remote allows you to operate smart home devices without needing to reach for your smartphone.

Ideal for those overwhelmed by the multitude of remotes for devices ranging from ceiling fans to light bulbs, the SwitchBot Universal Remote supports an impressive “up to 83,934 remote control models” via infrared. Its code library is updated every six months to ensure compatibility with new devices.

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This remote seamlessly integrates with SwitchBot’s other smart home products, including robovacs, curtain controllers, and various Bluetooth-controlled devices like standalone smart light bulbs. At launch, it will support Apple TV and Fire TV, with future updates planned for Roku and Android TV compatibility.

While other universal remotes, like the $258 Haptique RS90 on Kickstarter, also offer smart home device compatibility, SwitchBot’s remote stands out with its affordable $59.99 price and Matter support, making it a more attractive option for smart home enthusiasts.

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To control Matter-compatible devices from other smart home brands, the SwitchBot Universal Remote must be used in conjunction with the company’s SwitchBot Hub 2 or Hub Mini. This requirement will increase the overall cost for users who do not already have one of these hubs in their home.

Source: SwitchBot’s cheap universal remote can control your smart home, too