Phone app alerts users to look up while walking

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It seems like technology has no boundaries. Each passing day surprises us with something unique. That ultimately comes for the provision of ease to its users. Likewise, a new feature is in the ground. Android users will get a notification informing them to stop staring at their mobiles while walking, a leaked new tool implies. 

The feature is being experimented with in an update to the Digital Wellbeing app, tech blog XDA Developers reported. The app’s screenshots show a notification that will come up on the phone display, with a reminder to look up. Receive a prompt to focus on what’s encompassing you, the mechanism by Google’s Android reports. 

The feature, named Heads Up, is made into the Digital Wellbeing app, which helps users maintain how much they use their mobiles. For instance, you can limit some app use or mute notifications at specific times. According to XDA Developers, the notifications can be turned on and off in the mobile’s settings. 

Let us clear one thing here: Heads Up doesn’t replace giving attention; screenshots from the new tool alert. The alerts would say stuff like stay careful, look forward, and take care of your step,” guided by a playfully linked emoji, the technology report website 9to5google has beforehand recommended. 

Let us know your opinion. Are you excited about this new feature?