Planner Pro For PC – Free Download – Windows 10 / Mac

An organized and disciplined lifestyle is the key to success and peace. Whether it’s your work life or family life, both of them should be free of frustration. That is why we are introducing a method to make your routine stress free. Are you interested in adopting this organized method? If yes, then Planner Pro is made for you. It is a personal organizer application to plan your daily schedule. Planner Pro For Windows is a full-featured app to maintain your daily routine. It unites; 

  • Events,  
  • Tasks,  
  • Notes in one place. So, it saves your time also money on other apps.  

It also works like a

  • Day planner
  • Week planner
  • Month planner

Why Should You Choose Planner Pro for PC?

Let us represent some key features and functions of this app; 

  • Daily synchronization with google calendar and events with a single tap 
  • Tasks supporter 
  • Specifically designed for daily activities 
  • Go to specific settings ad add what you want to achieve in a day, week, and month planner 
  • Show or hide calendars as you want 
  • Add, edit or delete activities quickly. 
  • Offers manual time slot and Supports events. 
  • Also supports tasks and projects with sub-tasks 
  • Add up to 5 different ranks for tasks and plans 
  • Add up to 25 preferences for important plans
  • Notification and pop-up reminders  
  • An unlimited number of notes. 
  • Separate Day, Week, monthly plans for efficient management 
  • User-friendly 
  • Records all searching, i.e. events, tasks, and notes, and many more 

But it comes with a subscription. To avail its all services you have to buy it. A one-month subscription costs $1.99, which is a reasonable price. You can use its basic services without spending a penny. 

Download Planner Pro for PC

If you are searching for this app on Pc, then it’s time to feel free. We are providing you with the best solution. By installing an android emulator, you can easily get access

  • Step 1:  Go to the Play store and add your google account. 
  • Step 2: After completing google account settings, now write “Planner Pro” in the search bar and press install/Download. 
  • Step 3: Now login with your Google, Facebook or email account for further process. 

We hope you have enjoyed the detail information. We are here to assist our readers in finding the best suitable methods for them.