WiFi Warden For PC, Windows 10 & Mac OS – Free

No one wants to stay back in the race of technology. We are not talking about expensive inventions. But essential use of technological sources. Who not want to connect with family, colleagues, fellows, and clients around the world virtually? Of course, everyone, because it is not possible to be physically available everywhere. Usage of WiFi makes this possible for us. People do buy internet or WiFi packages for smartphones and Pc. 

It acts as food for phones and Pc. Without this, users can’t install and browse things on their devices. It becomes a part of almost every home, workplace, restaurant, and public places, etc. Let us give you a clear picture of this WiFi Warden. 

Features of WiFi Warden

  • It helps you to analyze your WiFi network.  
  • All the details and usage of the WiFi connection.  
  • List of users that are using your network.  
  • Easy and simple to operate.  
  • It increases the router strength and security. 
  • You can delete all the devices that are unfamiliar to you. 
  • You can change your network password with this app. 
  • You can see other WiFi networks available near you. 
  • The network speed of downloading and uploading. 
  • You can connect with open network connections near you. 
  • Complete information of devices using your WiFi, with Name, MAC or IP address, Vendor, and more.  
  • Scan WiFi networks to check regularity, channel, tools, operator, security level, etc.  
  • Helps you to select a less crowded channel for the best signal quality of a wireless router.  

How to Download WiFi Warden on PC?

If you like to use Pc over a smartphone and looking for a way to use the WiFi Warden app on your PCs. Grievously there is no PC version possible for you guys to install from there. Here is one way you will install WiFi Warden For PC on Windows as well as on Mac OS. You need to download the emulator, for Pc download BlueStacks from here, and for Mac install the emulator from hereNow it’s time to show you complete instructions to get WiFi warden on your laptop or desktop. 

Download WiFi Warder

  • Step 1:  Go to the Play store and add your google account. 
  • Step 2: After completing google account settings, now write “WiFi Warden” in the search bar and press install/Download. 
  • Step 3: Give access to the location and start exploring. 

We hope you have enjoyed the detailed information. We are here to assist our readers in finding the best suitable methods for them.