What is an Autonomous Vehicle?

Here we are with the next level revolution in technology where the early sayings are becoming a part of reality. With the evolution of 6G technology, we are here to announce that autonomous cars are now a part of this world. Yes! You might be thinking that we must be kidding, but no, this is the reality. For the ones who don’t know what is an autonomous vehicle? Let us tell you then. 

An autonomous vehicle is one that can be driven without a human driver. Have you heard about self-driven cars? Yes, they are autonomous vehicles. Technology is making new standards by bringing such ideas to reality. Continuing the discussion, this thing can be seen in various forms. We will be discussing many things in detail here to give you a better idea of this technology. 

Early Advance in Autonomous Vehicle

The early stages of this revolution might be seen in many of the cars these days. For example, the lane warning feature, automated braking, and parking assist are the start of the new revolution in technology. 

But the thing to be noted here is these all are the alerts that help the human driver to be more conscious while driving. In this way, a driver is well aware of the warning prompts and drives with safety. Still, these features do not confirm the self-driven phenomenon. 

Autopilot Systems

We can see this practice in autopilot by Tesla. Tesla has been practicing many things in this domain and is now successful but let me share its one experience. 

Once Tesla tried autopilot system making the pilot sit on the back seat of the jet. But unfortunately, due to false functioning, the autopilot didn’t recognize a “wedge,” and the driver was killed. 

Again you can see how dangerous it can be if the whole system crashes by even neglecting the small details. So again, the human response is necessary as they react immediately to any situation. 

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Industry Delay

We can see a delay in society according to such technology. We have been listening about these self-driven cars for a long time but haven’t seen their existence. It is due to the fact that this technology is very risky, and the industry is moving with caution and slowly. 

Many of the industry car manufacturers have promised the existence of such cars with their loyal clients, but the question is when this technology is expected to be on-road is? The answer is still unknown, but we hope to see the whole self-driven car on the roads soon. 

Let’s hope for the best results to be on the road with safety and precautions to be functioning in coming years.