3 Biggest International E-Commerce Challenges

Global E-Commerce is a booming market which means you have to provide services to different people from all over the world. International eCommerce remains a highly complicated affair, and as it stands right now, it’s only getting more difficult. With all the legalities you need to work with, the payment systems that have to be integrated, the currency conversions – and this is just the beginning – there are too many moving parts for any one company to handle. That’s why so many retailers choose to use a 3rd party logistics provider or forwarder when they expand abroad. In this article, we’ll look at some of the biggest international eCommerce challenges and how to overcome them.


The global business environment is becoming increasingly useful for eCommerce. With this shift, so have challenges faced by international businesses attempting to grow and succeed.

  • Challenges in international expansion
  • Making your brand unique in contrast to competitors
  • Cross border payment procession

Let’s take a look at these challenges one by one and take your eCommerce business on its highs.


Business growth is closely linked to the performance of international operations. If a company has any sort of international presence, at some point they will need to consider expanding their market outside of their home country. Globalization has created an uneven playing field for local and regional businesses concerning resources, consumer preferences, and competition. As a result, most companies with a significant presence outside of their home country struggle to translate their success at home into competitive success abroad.

Business owners who feel they are not making enough money from their operations can benefit from taking steps toward increasing their exposure and market share around the world. For international expansion, the most important thing to know is what competition looks like from other countries. Knowing this helps you select the right product for your business.

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Marketing and e-commerce business is no easy feat. Achieving success has a lot to do with your marketing strategy and execution. Making your brand stand out among competitors requires creativity, hard work, perseverance, and sometimes a dash of luck. From building an excellent product and service to finding the right marketing strategy, short-term and long-term strategies will need to be formulated for you by an experienced marketing company to help you achieve success.

Your e-commerce business is unique and cannot be replicated. If you want to reach a global audience and be profitable you need to find ways to stand out from the crowd. One of the best ways is choosing the right e-commerce platform that fulfills your needs. By deciding which features will fulfill your business needs best, you can select the best platform for your business. Though choosing the right platform is not easy, it’s doable if you pay attention to what customers want from an e-commerce platform.


Even if your business is physically located in one country, cross-border payment procession can pose a significant problem. Your cash is held up in a bank or other financial institution, and it may take days for the money to arrive. If your business sells products online, the process can be even more frustrating as you have no control over when or where your product will be shipped and there is no way for you to know if your suppliers are delivering on time or not.

Most cross-border payment processing companies offer services in one form or another to all kinds of e-commerce businesses. The most important thing that you need to know before choosing cross border payment processing service is whether your products are on sale. You don’t want to have to ask your clients for money twice, especially if they are just looking to buy your products online.

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Business days are days when business activities could be severely hampered by the lack of awareness of their importance and impact on the internet presence. There are various reasons why there could be a lack of awareness but today it is more important than ever to exponentially expand your business globally through digital marketing activities.