Your guide to successful game development–6 steps to follow

A lot of people think that if you want to develop video games, then you should read this article. Why? Because, if you don’t read this article, your game is likely to be dead on arrival like a baby at a bachelor party. Seriously, I’m not trying to be funny. But I am trying to help. There’s lots of information out there and some of it will confuse you or make it seem like it’s too difficult to make video games. As someone who has developed games in the past and wishes he had a guide like this – let me save you the time and effort and have someone else tell you the basics which will save you time and/or money and lead you to successful game development.


These are the steps to follow:


There are hundreds of new mobile games added to the app stores every day, and your game has to be better than all of them for you to compete. Your game could be just as unique and exhilarating as you wanted it to be. When people start to work on a new idea, instead of developing the idea they already have, they’re doing it because they want to improve their life.

Before you spend time and money working on your full game, it’s important to figure out what kind of game you want to make and what features you will need to support that vision. Be familiar with and inspired by the types of games that are popular. Make a list of what you think would make interesting video games, whether they are your original ideas or adaptations of existing movies or books. And then come up with new ideas.

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Before you decide which apps to build, make sure you understand the requirements and resources needed for each platform. There are a lot of Android devices available on the market, so if you want to develop an app for this platform, you will have to make it adapt to thousands of different devices. Thus, the process of designing and developing an application for Android is simple. It’s a whole different challenge to build applications that work well across thousands of devices with varying screen sizes, graphics, and specifications.

You should find an operating system that’s the best fit for your needs. Also, try hybrid apps that run on both iOS and Android devices. Considering the integration of both platforms, the overall cost of developing a traditional mobile app is higher than a hybrid app. The latter can be used in smartphones, tablets, and other operating systems too. That’s why it has increased visibility.

In the end, it depends on your target market. Identify the platforms your customers use and adapt a strategy accordingly.


The Televisions shows keep people watching by appealing to their curiosity, creating a need to know what happens next. Stories are a powerful narrative that grips our attention. There are different ways to motivate people. When you create your game, think about how you can make it enjoyable for people. Reward them when they do something correctly or give them a new challenge so that they have a reason to keep playing. Your game won’t be fun if your characters are undefined and the gameplay isn’t engaging. So it’s better to define your game characters clearly.

Always start your game with straightforward levels and gradually introduce the more challenging ones. The initial levels should be easy to pass, otherwise, players may lose interest. The first few levels focus on establishing the plot, plant the main ideas.

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Once you have all your facts straight, such as the type of game you’re developing, the characters, and the platforms the game will be released on, then you can work with a development team. The meeting should be held between the team members who will be working as technical developers.

Unity is well-known as the go-to engine for game development. There are many enthusiastic users of this software and many people have already experienced the great benefits of it. Unity is right for people who are developing 2D or 3D games and need to build them quickly and cheaply. Unity is compatible with a variety of gaming consoles.

HTML5 is just a different way of writing code (although it has recently expanded its reach to game consoles as well). As technology progresses, more and more features are being replicated in HTML5, so it’s good to have a development company that can help you choose the best option for your app.


If you do not test your game yourself, then you are trusting QA testers, and there is a chance that they will not catch anything. While the gameplay team focuses on the gameplay, the QA team focuses on the programming, looking for any bugs in the game.

While game developers do their best to ensure high-quality titles, there are always going to be software bugs, and freemium players will always accept a lower level of quality. The process of testing for bugs in your game is an important one, even if it’s free.


Particularly during promotion, you should devote your time to building a presence on as many relevant platforms as possible. Create a website that provides detailed information about the game, and includes a playable demo of the game on the site. Do not ignore social media like Facebook and Twitter when you’re promoting your online business. When you have a completed game, you should try different ways of making it available to as wide an audience as possible.

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Game development is a highly creative field. A lot of people take their passion for games and turn it into an income. However, not all game developers make it big, and not all those who do have huge success overnight.

It’s common knowledge that successful game development requires a large amount of time and effort – as well as a significant amount of money. But with luck and persistence, you can learn all you need to know about game development, put together your own successful game, and sell it to the people who matter most – or at least enough of them to make a profit.