Simple PC Tricks to Improve Your Productivity

Have you ever wondered if there were simple ways that you could tweak your PC such that it made your life easier by increasing productivity? Although we tend to spend a lot of time in front of the computer, we don’t spend much time looking at ways to improve its performance so we could be more productive. While it may sound boring, I encourage you to keep reading and find out how you can improve your computer’s performance to boost your productivity. If you aren’t quite convinced just yet, let me show you simple PC tricks to improve your productivity,  making small tweaks to your computer can also help you increase productivity, which is the theme here.

PC Tricks to Improve Your Productivity

Start by organizing your desktop and files for easy access. Use keyboard shortcuts to speed up common tasks and reduce time spent navigating. Lastly, customize notifications to minimize distractions, keeping your focus sharp throughout the day. Here are the simple steps with details, that you can perform to improve your productivity:

1.Switch Your PC to Positive Settings

You ever wanted a computer that could do more than just run apps and play games? Are you currently able to use the best digital technologies at your disposal? Changing your Windows PC into a “clean” state may seem like a minor tweak, but it could make a big difference in how productive you are. Clean computers perform better, have less heat generation, screens aren’t as reflective as they could be, and some even have antimalware protection built-in.

You can run all those anti-virus scans, but what good are they if your machine isn’t up-to-date? The solutions are easy. The ‘’fresh” feature of Windows 10 allows you to efficiently optimize your computer’s hardware and software to gain maximum productivity. You can also visit your local computer store and ask around for recommendations.

2.Clean Your PC of Junk Files

Removing junk files from your computer can improve your workflow. It’s really easy to do a task that doesn’t require any special knowledge or technical skills. Your PC can get slow if you have a lot of open programs and files, and this can affect your productivity. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your large collection of MP3s, images, and video streams, try deleting some of these files from your hard drive and see how much faster you can run your computer.

3.Purchase and Install Anti-virus and Spyware Software

Maybe your computer is not running as well as it used to, causing the occasional error message. Could it be the operating system or the applications that you use? If so, you’re not alone. Millions of people around the world experience this kind of problem and there seems to be no end to the complaints about software and operating systems. The process of replacing an existing operating system with a new one is unusually simple.

There are two primary motivations for buying software: Protection and convenience. Protection lets you remain productive without having to worry about hackers, viruses, and other perils. Comforts allow you to have complete control over your computer and internet connection so you can get more done without having to devote too much time to an anti-virus routine. Purchasing antivirus software allows you to prevent yourself from getting infected while surfing the web and install extra software into your machine without giving away any property on your hard drive.

4.Block the Sites that Distract You

If you can successfully rid your hard drive of distracting sites, it will free up valuable screen real estate on your computer monitor and allow you to see more web content. It’s an easy way to beat the Internet while maximizing your computer’s potential for productivity. Make use of creating an extension for Google Chrome that automatically removes listed sites from your Internet history if they show up in your banned sites list.

This is a well-known fact among experts in various fields. The simple solution is to implement a simple system that enables you to isolate one site at a time from all others. This way, you won’t be distracted by random noise while working on important documents or presentations.

5.Use Keyboard Shortcuts 

Do you use keyboard shortcuts? Of course, you do. I do too and have found them to be one of the most effective ways to speed up my computer. Shortcuts take some of the stress out of getting things done and can help you get unfamiliar tools ready to go quicker. Use the keyboard shortcuts as these shortcuts will improve your workflow. If you take the time to learn your keyboard shortcuts, your speed will increase and you’ll be able to get more done.

Apple laptop owners may be able to do some of these things out of the box. Many are uncovering ways to speed up their systems with simple tricks. Others are learning the basics about operating systems and browsers so they can get a job done better — whether they’re improving their spreadsheets or just making life easier on themselves and their families by making web browsing as simple as possible.

Use of software that automatically opens and closes programs when they’re not in use and another is to schedule your computer so that it goes right to sleep when you’re done with it is also a good idea to improve your PC productivity.