A Complete Guide to Get to 1+ Million Installs for Your App

You’ve been working on your app for months, coding all aspects of it, and finally, you’re ready to publish it on the app store. To get 1 million app installs for your app, word of mouth is the best acquisition channel, far better than advertising. And to get word of mouth you need a product people to love.

A product people love reaches more and more potential users through each person they tell and will continue receiving new users long after it has been adopted widely. The goal of this article is to guide you towards building a product that gets so good that it could be considered viral. 👨‍💻

Pre-Launch Activities

When you say “pre-launch buzz” you mean that you’re encouraging people to talk about your app before it comes out. It’s always good to do some pre-launch activities before releasing your app. You should try to engage in some sort of marketing campaign (by using social media, for example) and generally promote the app so that people have already heard of it.

We, being the top mobile apps development company, expect to see increased app downloads and app success within a short time as a result of your efforts in this stage. Before the app hits the app stores, curiosity about it will increase and that, in turn, will attract more users and investors. If you want to market your app well, you need to focus on doing marketing regularly.

10 Hacks to Boost Your App Downloads

To boost your app downloads, focus on optimizing your app store listing with compelling visuals and precise keywords. Encourage user reviews and ratings, which can improve your app’s visibility and credibility. Leverage social media marketing to create buzz and drive traffic to your app page. Let’s dive deeper into these strategies now.

1. Appealing App Icon

App icon is the visual representation of your application on the mobile device screen and it gives a clear indication about what your application does. There is a huge range of possible app icon designs and it is not easy to choose the one that will be most effective on your promotion. It appears that the best way of increasing downloads for your app is through creating an app icon that looks compelling.

That is why you have to work hard on creating the best collection of icons for both Android and iOS. The collection includes different types of tools and utilities that can be used either as an app or as an icon for another website or product. As you can imagine, having a good collection of icon representations can help boost the visibility of your app both in the search results as well as on the home screen of most mobile phones.

2. Bugs and Crashes Free App

The most important thing in app development is to build software that’s free of defects because users find bugs immediately and abandon applications. To solve the problem of poor responsiveness, developers should make their apps as responsive as possible.

It’s a good idea to test out your mobile app before you start selling it to customers on the Apple App Store or Google Play. The most effective way to make your app impervious to technical errors and crashes is to test it through every stage of its development.

3. Attractive App User Interference (UI)

The best way to attract users to download your app is by making it easy for them to find and install it. The best UI should be intuitive, beautiful, easy to learn and use. If users can easily find your app, they’ll enjoy using it and effortlessly recommend it.

It doesn’t matter if your app is for shopping, travel, or entertainment — when users find an easy way to do something they want without having to dig through dozens of pages of menus, search for things or dig through their contacts to figure out who they need to message first is when they’re most interested in using your app.

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4. Social Media Outreach

Apps are a fast-growing segment of the wireless internet market now accounting for around 85% of all internet traffic. While there has been a significant focus within the sector on improving application adoption rates, there has been less attention paid to improving the overall user experience.

This is easily one of the most important aspects to consider when building an app – after all, if your customers can’t find your app when they want to use it – they are going to abandon it very quickly. And this is where an angle like social media comes into play. If you can get your app heard by a lot of users through social media, this can have a huge impact on your downloads – maintaining a steady stream of users can lead to a steady stream of donations.

5. Launch Your App on An Accurate Platform

The probability of getting higher installs is also affected by the platform where your application was developed. If you are introducing a certain app in a specific location, the platform should have enough users from that location.

But to succeed in the app economy, you need to have a solid strategy for reaching your target audience. Even if you’re successful at driving your app downloads, you may find that your app isn’t as useful or popular as expected. Consumer behavior shifts dramatically when platforms introduce new features. By launching your app on accurate platforms, you give your users the most information about what’s new with your app—and help them make informed decisions about whether they should download it or not.

6. Market Your App Effectively

App marketing is all about getting your products and services noticed by users who might then decide to download and use your app. There are several different strategies you can use to market your app to the people most likely to be interested in it. Apps are everywhere and this isn’t going to change any time soon. Additionally, there are tons of apps available for download that you may not know about and maybe losing downloads to.

Marketing Your App will help you identify low-quality apps and get them removed from the store. By implementing this app, you will be able to stay up to date on the latest apps available for download from day one instead of having to rely on the algorithm that the App Store uses to determine what apps are worth your time. Marketing Your App will help you stay informed of new apps available for download so that you can always be at the forefront of potential new revenue-generating or hobby-related opportunities.

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7. User Ratings and Reviews

After launching your app, you will receive reviews or feedback from users. These reviews could be positive, or the feedback could be negative about the functionality and responsive speed of your application. When you value customer feedback, try to find strength in both positive and negative reviews. Even harsh criticism is a great way to improve your app.

As an app developer/owner, you may want to check that all functionalities are working and conduct performance analysis. You can update your application to make it more user-friendly and to reach the goal of 1 Million+ install. App store ratings and positive feedback can help you establish client relationships quickly.

8. Brush up Your Keyword

Keyword research is one of the most important things you can do for your business. Your keyword strategy will determine how much traffic you get from marketers, and how good of a user experience your app will have. How many people download your app when they search for it? It will help you connect with potential customers and find the right keywords to target with the drive-to-market strategy.

Using effective keywords in your app description will let potential users know more about your work and help them decide whether or not they should download your app. If you want to be found in the search engine, you should include more keywords in your Google Maps description. Having a well-optimized app description is also useful.

9. Quality Content

Content is a huge factor in how much your users will download your app and how well you’ll do as a business. New apps come out every day, and every day some apps get downloaded a lot more than others. To get more downloads; you need some way of getting your content in front of the people who are most likely to appreciate it.

A well-designed and useful app gets more downloads than an unimpressive one. Actionable content like blog posts, videos, or coupons can get users engaged and recommend your app to others. Create a mini-blog post inside your app with a few tips to get your point across. You can always build up your brand by offering free products or events in your app as in the example above.

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10. Deals and Discounts

We all want our apps to be successful so we can do more things with them. However, without knowing what sort of discounts, offers, and contests are out there you will be unable to take advantage of them. It’s important to understand your strong points as well as any areas you need to improve on. To ensure that your app is successful and gets more users, these tactics will be crucial to get more users and tend to your app.

It’s a way for developers to get free promotion and exposure for their products without spending money on advertising or paying for promotion directly from app stores. Promoting your app through these methods is also a great way to get word-of-mouth going — perhaps even prompting more people to download the paid app if they have already downloaded your free one.

All in All

Your first few million installs are going to look a lot different than your first few million users. Your growth rate will be higher, and that means your app will be able to get better and faster reviews than it would have been able to before. And, your chance of getting featured on the first page of the App Store or Google Play is incredibly high… if you are prepared for it.

While the methods described here work with most Google products (phones and tablets), there are some variations in functionality between applications and Android OS versions, so read the instructions carefully before attempting to install.