What is Instagram Threads App? Know Everything

In recent months, people have been trying out different social media platforms as alternatives to Twitter. These include both new and existing ones like Mastodon, Bluesky, Spill, and T2. Now, the company Meta, which owns Instagram, has also launched a big new social media platform.

Instagram Threads: How to Create an Account

Threads is a new social media platform created by Meta, designed to compete with Twitter. It’s linked to Instagram, meaning you can set up a Threads account using your Instagram login details.

To create an account on Instagram Threads, you simply need to use your existing Instagram credentials. Since Threads is linked to Instagram, which is owned by Meta, the process is streamlined. Start by downloading the Threads app on your smartphone. You can download the app here: Threads, an Instagram App

Once installed, open the app and choose the option to log in with your Instagram account. This will automatically use your Instagram information to set up your Threads account, making the process quick and easy.

Instagram Threads Vs Twitter

Right now, the Threads app is free to use and doesn’t have any ads or paid levels. If you’re already verified on Instagram, that verification will show up on Threads too, even if you paid for Meta Verified. 

You can also find people to follow on Threads using your existing Instagram friends. Although Threads is new, it doesn’t have some features that Twitter has, like long videos, private messaging, and live audio chat rooms.

How to Use Instagram Threads?

Threads, the new platform, can be used on both iPhones and Android phones in over 100 countries. But, it’s not available in European Union countries right now because of privacy issues. 

Since you use your Instagram account to log in, you’ll automatically follow the same people you do on Instagram. Your username, personal details, and choices like who you’ve blocked will also move over to Threads.

Number of Instagram Threads’ Users

Threads became very popular quickly after its launch. In just a few hours, 10 million people signed up, and this number grew to 30 million in a day. 

Within five days, it reached 100 million users. Mark Zuckerberg, the head of Meta, shared that Threads got 2 million users in two hours, 5 million in four hours, and 10 million in seven hours. The next day, he announced that over 30 million people had joined. 

This growth is impressive, especially since Threads isn’t available in European Union countries yet due to privacy concerns.

Limitations of Instagram Threads

On Threads, you can write posts with up to 500 characters. These posts can include images, videos, and GIFs, and you can add up to 10 media items in a single post. However, as of July 17, Threads had to set limits on how many posts users could see because there were too many spam attacks.

On Threads, you can look at posts and user profiles on the internet using a link. But, you can’t sign in with your account or create posts this way. Just like scraping emails from Instagram, you can scrape from Threads too!

No Messages on Threads

On Threads, you can’t send messages to other users. Mosseri explained that they don’t want to create another messaging inbox. Instead, they want to make it possible for people to share their Threads posts on different apps.

What’s Missing on Threads?

The following things are still missing on Threads:

  • A feed showing posts from people you follow
  • Ability to use GIFs
  • Complete support for using it on a website
  • Option to edit your posts
  • Translation of posts right there
  • Feature for users to add descriptions to images for visually impaired people
  • Use of hashtags
  • A feature to view posts you’ve liked before

How to Delete Your Threads Account?

You can turn off your Threads account for a while, but if you want to get rid of it forever, you need to delete your Instagram account. This is because of Meta’s special privacy rules. After people didn’t like this, Mosseri from the company said they were thinking about a way to let you delete your Threads account on its own.

Instagram Threads- Latest Updates

Threads just got its first update with some minor improvements, new features, and bug fixes. This includes working better with the new iOS 17 public beta. Instagram’s software engineer, Cameron Roth, shared these changes:

  • Fixing crashes on iOS 17.
  • Double-tapping the search tab lets you search.
  • Improved look of the facepile feature.
  • You can now enlarge photos on profiles.
  • Very tall photos can be seen completely.
  • The app size has been reduced.
  • Fixed an issue with random images showing up in the timeline.
  • Improved how you can dismiss things by scrolling.

Data Collection on Threads

Since you log into Threads using your Instagram account, Meta says it’s a part of your Instagram account. People are asking about how much data Threads collects, especially because of the privacy details listed in the App Store. 

Rob Sherman, Meta’s deputy chief privacy officer, responded to these concerns. He said that Threads’ privacy labels are like those of their other apps, including Instagram. This means that the types of data mentioned in the App Store are what the app might collect when you use it, he explained in a post on Threads.

Instagram’s new app, Threads, is becoming popular. It’s made by the same company as Instagram and works well with your Instagram account. It’s easy to join Threads – just download it and log in with your Instagram details. 

Threads is free, has no ads, and lets you follow your Instagram friends. It’s available in many countries but not in the European Union due to privacy rules. You can write posts with pictures, videos, and GIFs, but can’t send private messages. 

The app is still growing and improving. If you want to stop using Threads, you need to delete your Instagram account. People are also talking about how much data Threads collects, and the company says it’s similar to Instagram. Overall, Threads is a new way to share and connect with friends, just like on Instagram.