Reasons Why Thousands of PC Makers Are Using Intel’s New AI

Reasons Why Thousands of PC Makers Are Using Intel’s New AI

Intel announced on December 14 that its latest chip is being adopted by numerous PC manufacturers, aiming to attract consumers to upgrade their computers for advanced chatbot technologies.

 During a press event in New York, Intel revealed that laptops featuring this new chip, from companies like Dell Technologies, Microsoft, and Lenovo Group, will be available for purchase at Best Buy in the U.S., as well as at international retailers such as in China and Harvey Norman in Australia. These products are set to hit the market immediately.

Following the announcement, Intel’s stock experienced a surge, increasing by up to 3.6%.

Historically, Intel’s CPUs have been fundamental to most personal computers. However, the latest chip, initially referred to as “Meteor Lake,” marks a significant evolution for Intel. It’s the company’s first chip to integrate a neural processing unit (NPU), specifically designed to manage artificial intelligence tasks.

This new development from Intel is aimed at both consumers and businesses, as the company strives to recover from a downturn in the PC market post-pandemic. This slump was largely due to the fact that many customers, having upgraded their computers for remote work in 2020, haven’t found sufficient reason to invest in new hardware since then.

At the event, Intel’s CEO Pat Gelsinger emphasized that the use of their chips is expected to make AI services more cost-effective, efficient, and private compared to those reliant on cloud data centers.

Gelsinger highlighted AI’s significant role in PCs, predicting it to be a major highlight in the upcoming year. He spoke about the potential of AI to revolutionize various aspects of everyday life for individuals across all settings.

In a demonstration back in September, Intel showcased the capabilities of the new chip with several AI-related applications. These included the ability to transcribe voice notes locally, eliminating the need to rely on external cloud services. Additionally, they presented an intriguing feature where the chip could create music in the style of the famous pop artist Taylor Swift, demonstrating the creative possibilities of AI in personal computing.

On Thursday, Intel unveiled what it claims to be the first operational version of a chip named Gaudi 3. This development is part of Intel’s strategy to compete with Nvidia in the AI market within data centers.