New Chrome Mobile Shortcuts Enable Calling Restaurants from Address Bar

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Google has added new Chrome Actions to mobile. You can call, read reviews, or get directions to a restaurant or business from the address bar. The company announced this feature in a blog on Wednesday. Android users can access it immediately. iOS users will have to wait until the fall.

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First introduced in 2020, Google Actions allows you to quickly perform various tasks directly from the address bar by typing specific queries. For example, you can type “edit passwords” to manage your saved passwords, “delete history” to clear your browsing history, or “translate this page” to translate the current webpage. This feature enhances the user experience by streamlining common tasks.

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In addition to Google Actions, there are other useful address bar shortcuts. One such shortcut is the “@” symbol, which lets you quickly search for bookmarks, open tabs, and links from your browsing history. These shortcuts make navigation and task management more efficient, allowing users to access important functions without navigating through multiple menus.

Source: New Chrome mobile shortcuts let you call a restaurant from your address bar