Jabra Ends Consumer Earbuds After Introducing New Elite Models

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Immediately after launching upgraded versions of its Elite 10 and Elite 8 Active earbuds, Jabra announced its exit from the consumer earbuds market. Jabra’s parent company, GN, revealed it is winding down the Elite and Talk audio product ranges to focus more resources on more profitable parts of its business, citing rising competition costs.

“The market dynamics have evolved, and we believe we cannot achieve a fair return on investment compared to other opportunities within our Hearing, Enterprise, and Gaming segments.” said GN CEO Peter Karlstromer.

While the phase-out of the Talk line—older mono Bluetooth headphones—is unsurprising given the category’s decline, Jabra’s Elite range of wireless earbuds, well-received since their 2016 debut, is more notable. This decision follows last year’s shift towards the premium audio market, with GN now stating that the investment required to stay competitive is “unjustified in the long-term” despite initial profitability improvements.

However, Jabra will continue developing its enterprise-focused Evolve lineup. The second-gen Elite 8 Active and Elite 10 earbuds will still be available later this month as the final additions to the Elite range. Jabra will provide product support for several years, expecting to deplete the remaining inventory by the end of 2024.Stay updated with the latest tech trends by following Techlopedia! 🌟 Our IT experts are here to bring you exciting and innovative content. From gadgets to software, we cover it all. Don’t miss out on the amazing stuff we have in store for you. Follow us for more tech news and insights!