Apple AI Features Delay in the EU: Impact of Big Tech Law

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Apple announced that some upcoming features, such as its Apple Intelligence generative AI tools, iPhone mirroring, and SharePlay screen sharing, might not be available in the European Union this year. This news, previously reported by Bloomberg, highlights concerns over the Digital Markets Act (DMA). 

The DMA is an EU law that sets strict rules for major tech companies, known as “gatekeepers,” to prevent unfair practices. Apple cites this law as the reason for the potential delay. Recently, there have been rumors that both Apple and Meta could face charges for violating the DMA.

Apple has announced that three upcoming features—iPhone Mirroring, SharePlay Screen Sharing enhancements, and Apple Intelligence—might not be available in the European Union this year due to regulatory concerns. 

This decision stems from the Digital Markets Act (DMA), which requires major tech companies to allow third-party services to work with their own. Apple fears that complying with these rules could compromise user privacy and security.

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Apple spokesperson Fred Sainz explained that while Apple is eager to bring new technologies to users worldwide, the uncertainty caused by the DMA makes it difficult to introduce these features in the EU. Apple is committed to working with the European Commission to find a solution that ensures user safety without sacrificing product integrity.

An EU spokesperson, Thomas Regnier, responded by emphasizing that the EU remains an attractive market and is open to businesses that adhere to rules ensuring fair competition.

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The specific concerns are not entirely clear, but Apple Intelligence includes upgrades to Siri, Genmoji, managing notifications, performing scripted actions across apps, and generating text summaries. Despite the delay, Sainz noted that Apple Intelligence will be available for beta testing this summer, and iPhone Mirroring and enhanced SharePlay Screen Sharing will enter developer beta testing on Monday.

Source: Apple may delay AI features in the EU because of its big tech law