10 “Best” AI SEO Tools (January 2024) | Quick-Guide

SEO, or making your website more visible on Google, involves several steps. You need to check what your competitors are doing, find out which words people use to search that can bring them to your site, make a plan for linking to other sites and within your site, and make sure your pages load quickly. 

Below, we’ve listed the top tools that can help you rank higher on Google.

  1. Jasper: A top AI writing assistant, Jasper can quickly create articles and other content based on a few starter words you provide. It’s got a lot of templates for different kinds of content and can write a long article in just 15 minutes. 
  2. Surfer SEO: This tool helps you make SEO-friendly content. It can help you plan your content, find relevant topics, check keywords, and make sure your writing is structured well for SEO. It’s user-friendly and less complicated than Google’s keyword tools. 
  3. Pictory: An AI video maker that lets you turn scripts or articles into engaging videos without needing any video editing skills. It’s great for adding videos to your website to keep visitors around longer, which is good for SEO. 
  4. Scalenut: An all-in-one marketing tool, Scalenut helps with research, content creation, and optimization. It uses advanced technology to help you write content that ranks well in searches and offers real-time feedback on your SEO. 
  5. Writesonic: Great for creating website copy and marketing texts, especially in competitive industries. Writesonic can quickly make blog posts, product descriptions, ad variations, and more in various languages. 
  6. Content at Scale: This tool specializes in generating long-form, human-like content quickly. Ideal for SEO-focused content creators, it can create blog posts from just a keyword or other sources, ensuring they’re optimized and ready to publish. 
  7. SEM Rush: A comprehensive platform with tools for analyzing traffic, researching keywords, finding backlink opportunities, tracking your ranking, writing SEO-friendly content, and auditing your content. It’s like having multiple SEO tools in one. 
  8. Anyword: A copywriting tool designed for marketers, helping to create effective ad copy, emails, landing pages, and more. It offers insights on which parts of your message are working best. 
  9. PageSpeed Insights: A free Google tool that checks how fast your webpage loads. Fast loading is key for ranking high, especially on mobile devices. It measures how quickly your content appears and if there are any layout shifts during loading. 
  10. Nitro Pack: Focused on optimizing your website’s loading speed, Nitro Pack offers features like caching, image optimization, and a global CDN to make your site faster. Faster sites rank better in Google’s eyes.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of SEO, having the right tools at your disposal is essential for achieving higher rankings on Google. As of January 2024, these 10 “best” AI SEO tools are your trusted allies in the quest for online visibility and success.